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Writing Goals for the Next 3 Months (started writing this 8/31/2014, came back over a month later to actually do it . . . le sigh.)

So it seems that planning on writing goals every 3 months means that they'll actually get done about every 4 (or even more) months, going by my current sample size of two. But I'm still setting my reminders for every 3 months. If I changed my reminders to every 4 months, I expect I'd start actually getting this done every 5. Heh. I s'pose I could change reminders to every 2 months, but what if I started actually doing it on schedule? Every 2 months is too often.

Touching base with my yearly writing goals:

Um, I appear not to have made any. Not surprising, considering that I had a one-month-old baby at the time. Should be easy, since these three months will cover that, right? Right? Buehler?

So. What would my yearly writing goal be? Aha! To finish serializing Circus of Brass and Bone, publish it, clear away the backlog of to-edit manuscripts, and get started on finishing the Tree of Life (horrible and unrepresentative working title, must fix) science fiction novel that I'm--some--into. ::scurries away to check:: Wait, I'm only 21,000 words into it? That's like it's just a novella. I could write--something else! Or that. Hrm. So the goal there would be to decide what novel to write next, and to outline/re-outline it. And let's say to write a couple of new short stories in there in between, because it's good to have new short stories. Oh, and to finish transcribing and finishing the various things from my various notebooks! Yeah, that too.

In conclusion, my goal for the next three months/rest of the year is

. . . finish Circus of Brass and Bone.

Whenever I'm asked/inspired/invited to do something, I need to check it against that. Yeah. And at this point, given the Halloween relaunch date and my desire to do an every-week podcast to finish this up by Christmas, that means I need to

. . . only spend writing time working on Circus of Brass and Bone.

Not writing three-month goal statements. Not doing markets. Not doing critiques. Probably not attending general attendance writing meetings. Not doing the weekly diary entry. Not researching preschools. Not paying bills.

Nope. Those things that can be, need to be done during the children's waking hours. Those things that can't be, are probably going to have to wait until 2015.

. . . I'm going to have to figure out other ways shoehorn computer time into the children's waking hours. That's not easy. Maybe not even possible. Hrm.


Nope, nothing to be scared of here.
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