Nov. 9th, 2008

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Ingebretsen's, home of ginger cookies, lutefisk, glass ornaments, and all the Christmas kitsch you could want*, is hosting a shamanism class. How perfectly wyrd.

* Which is a lot. It's a wonderful place.

And a huge-ass crow just perched on a branch outside my window, which is a little spooky.
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11/08/2008 - Saturday, no work
* Processed new Spec the Halls submissions, put links up on website, sent acknowledgment emails.
* [ profile] penthius freewriting, a little story idea about the spirit of Christmas. And cannibalism.
* Wrote up a fantastic zombie idea I woke up with. Really think it'll be an amazingly good story. V. exciting, now if only I had time to write it. :P
* Fixed the typos and nit-picks in "Salvaging Scottwell" and resubbed to Baen's Universe. Think I actually got everything this time. I'm done now, right? Can't believe I thought this story was finished months ago. I've gotta admit, as far as combining the "polishing" and "submitting" process, Baen's Universe has it going on.
* Caught up some more on the SeCret ProjeCt, uploaded files to online so I should be able to work on them when I'm not at home (in case of unexpected work downtime).
* Made editing changes to Vicesteed.
* Updated various Vicesteed critiquing statuses.
* Fought some more with the new version of OpenOffice, which crashes all the fucking time.
* Processed Gaea's crit of Vicesteed ch. 19-20.

Then I had to go to a James Bond party instead of continuing to work on stuff. Oh, woe was me.
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Shoes Abandoned at Bus Stop, originally uploaded by aswiebe.

This bus stop tends to end up with a lot of abandoned clothing. Not sure why....

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  • 16:34 Downgraded OpenOffice. Feel dirty, but maybe now it will stop crashing all the time!
  • 17:27 "Tragedy" originally meant "goat song"? WTF? How awesomely bizarre.
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