Aug. 17th, 2014

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Editor's Note
Beware humor. I'm not saying to avoid the funny in your writing! A few humorous moments usually improve a story, whether it's a lighthearted fantasy or a grimdark horror novel.
No, I'm advising you to watch out for those joking truisms that other people may try to apply to your life. For me, ever since I had small children, I've been hearing variations on, "Well, now you won't be able to write until your kids are in college!" Ahem. I was finishing short stories even before my infant daughter was sleeping through the night.

Do you have a (writerly) trait that lends itself to wisecracks? The joke may be funny, but it's not necessarily true--not unless you let it be.

What I've been up to lately, writing-wise:
Figuring out how and what to write during four long roadtrips, two family reunions, and a long week of solo parenting while my spouse was working in another state. I'm looking forward to re-establishing my routines. Routines are a writer's friend! (Unless, of course, they aren't. YMMV.)

- Abra Staffin-Wiebe

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Uncanny is a new pro-paying F/SF magazine.

Uncanny is seeking passionate SF/F fiction and poetry with gorgeous prose– intricate, experimental stories and poems with verve and imagination that elicit strong emotions and challenge beliefs from writers from every conceivable background. Uncanny believes there’s still plenty of room in the genre for tales that make you feel.

The basics: F/SF, 750 - 7,500 words, no reprints, pays $.08/word. Guidelines at

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Um--things happened this week? I'm pretty sure? I'm still heavily lagged from the two family reunions + Phil being gone for a week. And heavily stressed from mortgage problems, general financial problems, and not having a place to work on writing while we transition my study into Theia's bedroom.

Yes, I said general financial problems. We did the math on our budget, and it went directions that budget math isn't supposed to. Not a lot we can do about it, either. As a starting point, though, I am now only allowed to purchase one ebook a month. ::sadface::

The kids got their recommended number of weekly outings! Wednesday at the Midtown Global Market for the Roe Family Singers, Friday at the Minneapolis Library Downtown for storytime and baby playtime, and Sunday for church and nursery Sunday School (Cassius has been asking to go to church again, since we hadn't been since Theia's dedication).

I got to go back to the doctor, since I'm still coughing up phlegm a month after we were treated for parapertussis. The doc says I seem to be in general good lung health and that it can take as long as ten weeks before the coughing stops, even if the infection was already wiped out by antibiotics. To be sure, she took a swab to culture to make sure that yes, this is actually just a lingering symptom, but the cause has been cured. During my doctor's appointment, I noticed that the swabs expired a couple of weeks earlier, so I had to come back a day later once they re-ordered. Harrumph. No fun having a long wire stuck up your nose, by the way. Not recommended!

Let's see, in other entertainment news--finally saw Guardians of the Galaxy, with my friend E. She already saw the movie before she suddenly lost all hearing in one ear, perhaps permanently, so this was by way of a test run to see if she could still enjoy such things. All went swimmingly, huzzah! It was a lot of fun.

As far as my reading goes, I appear to have stumbled on a motherlode of alternate-interpretations-of-angels-and/or-vampires stories. Some were good, some were awful. I am currently enjoying the first book of a new series that I'm reading (recommended for me because I really liked Written in Red, and really, the voice is so close that I'm about to go find out if this is a pseudonym situation). It's great, for what it is! Except for that huge fatal flaw where the first chapter establishes the main character's personality by having a graphic, brutal rape scene. You know, like you do when you have a female main character. Ugh. Just ugh. Why is this such a Thing in paranormal romance / urban fantasy?


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