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Mostly so I can do this on the other two computers I'm frequently on:

Dog Ears
AdBlock Plus

Greasemonkey scripts:
LJ Thread Unfolder with "Unfold All"
Gmail Label Colors

Comments from the peanut gallery--any other Firefox extensions/Greasemonkey scripts you've found particularly useful? What and why?
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Ah, fun and games. But now everything seems to be back to being functional, though I'm having to download a metric crap ton of updates that it seems to have forgotten it ever got.

The joys of corrupted boot sectors.

And then a suddenly borked modem.

But now, all is once more right with the world.

And holy lord am I addicted to internet access. For a while there, it was a bad scene. A bad scene, man.
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I am not at home right now. Nor am I at Cahoots, as is usual around this time on a Saturday. No, I am at the Minneapolis Central library, sitting in the American History section. Why is this, you ask? This is because this morning the Mad Scientist opened up my home computer and blew out all the dust and cleaned up the fans in an attempt to stop them from making horrible ratchetty noises.

Then the computer refused to start again.

The weird thing is, it powers up, gets through the opening screens, and then just won't actually boot up--not in regular mode, not in safe mode.

Some of you know that I'm not really human in the morning. I'm not really human when my computer is broken, either. Very Bad.

So I removed myself to the library, and he is going to try and lure those with more computer wisdom than us (by means of bribes and begging) to make the computer work.

The library is closed tomorrow. This could be Very Bad.

Note to self: Remember, even in worst case scenario, you've got recent backups.

Edit: Computer is back up and running, three days later. Corrupted boot sectors, and then a borked modem.
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I can have a custom Wikipedia search button in Explorer, but not Firefox? Tot bizarre!

Razzerfrazzer razzerfrazzer.....
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The week in review. It occurs to me that I'm having trouble remembering what I did when, or even if, for times ranging from yesterday to last week. So this might have some rather large gaps in it.

Saturday & Sunday )


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