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Yes, we're even mopping the walls!

I have posted snippets about this on Facebook, and I am planning on one big, giant post here with all the information (once I have all the information!). But after our baby boy was diagnosed with lead poisoning, ridiculous amounts of cleaning are part of our daily life. Lots and lots of cleaning, trying to avoid the "poisoned" areas of our house, and soon--lots and lots of painting. That's all manageable. Replacing the windows will be a bigger problem. But for now--cleaning!
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1. Strained a muscle in my back yesterday. Now hurts lots whenever I try to bend over at a certain angle. Did I mention I have a baby to pick up and carry around a lot? Or that because of breastfeeding said baby, it's not like I can go whine to my doctor for strong painkillers? Should I try to stretch it or should I try to rest it? I DON"T KNOW.

2. Getting to be official church members and getting Cassius welcomed in and etc. are stressing me out. I don't know what needs to be done, but it sounds like it might need to be done by next week. Grr.

3. (And worst) The tile wall/faucets around our bathtub has been leaking enough that we got a wet-through spot on our kitchen ceiling below. Phil has attempted to fix this with silicon caulk. This attempt is not working and looks terrible. It seems everything may need to be re-grouted. Or we may need to rip out the walls, put up proper cement board (seems like the previous residents didn't, given that the tiles have too much give to them in certain areas), put in new faucets etc., and put up some sort of other surround. We don't know what to do, how to fix it, or how to make it look less than awful. We don't have the money to do so either. We're pretty much miserable about this. Not showering isn't the answer, either.

4. (The last straw) All my ink cartridges for my printer are now failing to work, the night before I have to go to my writers group. I wanted to print critiques out, damn it! Instead I'll be reading from my laptop and then emailing people crits. Grumph.
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Full-time work schedule is preventing me from finishing up my Circus of Brass and Bone episode at the last minute, as usual. NOT HAPPY. It's written, it's edited, but the sound recording and techwork won't happen tonight. Very sad. Late episode. No biscuit. Hopefully will be able to get it out tomorrow despite still working full.
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This week (and weekend, alas, judging by progress), I'm working from home on a day job project. Yay, right? Except that I still have to bus into downtown to work 1 hour at my regularly scheduled day job. Grr. Ah, well, I'm using the bus time in as research time--reading circus books and soon encyclopedias about daily life in the 1870s. And then I bike home afterward, so I get a little bit of exercise squeezed in.

Still. Is annoying.

Also, it's eliminating my writing time. Maybe today I'll hit the quota for the day job early enough that I still have some time to write before my brain turns to mush.
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ETA: It's back up now, after popping the CD Drive out, it booted up again (?). Who knows if this will last.

But. It booted. Then it crashed. Blue screen saying something about "If this is the first time you've seen this" and something about the drive. (Sorry, I panicked and restarted and may not have paid as close of attention as I ought.) Then it couldn't boot. It would go through the booting up screen and then go to just a blinking cursor on a black screen and eventually give notice that no bootable drive was found. When going under settings, it did not see the internal hard drive. Multiple attempts to restart failed.

So, O My Fabulous Smart Computer People:
1. Any idea what's going on?
2. Will this happen again?
3. Anything I can do to prevent it happening, or is my laptop now toast as well?
4. Was I abducted by aliens? Why is all technology I touch dying?


Jul. 20th, 2010 10:26 am
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I do not like waiting-to-find-out. It may be one of my least favorite things ever.

I have a lot of waiting-to-find-out these days. Personal health stuff, family health stuff, major writing project stuff, minor writing project stuff....

I hates it, Precioussss!
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I just found out that my mother most likely has ovarian cancer. She had pain, they did an MRI, there's a mass, they'll be operating. She's young for cancer, in her early 50s, and this is one of the more serious kinds of cancer. She's always been really healthy, eating lots of veggies and biking and hiking and generally enjoying a really wholesome life. It doesn't seem fair--but then, nothing ever really is.

My parents are currently teaching abroad at an international school in India. They don't have health insurance because they're in India. And because they don't have health insurance, the medical care will be done in India, where such things are less expensive.

I don't even know how to feel about this. It's hard, because there's no real prognosis or certainty about the long-term treatment plan at this point. Mostly very worried. And they're way on the other side of the world, so it's not like I can hop on a Greyhound bus to go keep them company for a while.
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Yesterday, [ profile] cvalenti* opened up my computer and prepared to install the new power source to make my computer capable of booting up again.

Alas, it turns out that the problem was not the power source, but the CPU fan. So we ordered the part and it should be here by UPS soonish. Unfortunately, then my computer decided to stop staying on or booting up.

Laptop docking station to the rescue! My laptop is now hooked up to the docking station balanced on top of my defunct desktop computer, all surrounded by a nest of cords that must be seen to be believed. I'd take pictures, but the place where I organize my photos away to is currently out of it.

All this so that I can continue to work from home on a day job project, and also so that I can do writingy stuff. (The amount of typing I do, working at my desk with a real keyboard that's at the right height and a real monitor likewise is pretty essential.)

* On the entertaining side, I did feed cvalenti a meal in which everything had vegetables in it: broccoli and onions in the chicken divan; zucchini, squash, cucumber, and green beans in the "seasonal vegetable"; and fennel in the cake**.

** Which was very tasty, being a banana-fennel cake the documentation of which will occur eventually (with pictures).

Oh no....

Jun. 2nd, 2010 10:11 pm
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Things not needed the night before a long drive in to Chicago and a 3-day weekend with family wedding:

Main sewer line backing up into the basement.

Phil says we'll just bloody well have to fix it when we get back.

Edited to add: That solution was unacceptable to me, so I called out Roto-Rooter and stayed up way too late so that they could fix it last night. Yaawwwwn.
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You know, a long rambling post where I write about where I'm at and what I'm doing and all the other things I think friends should know about each other but all too often don't these days. I encourage you to do one of these posts, too! I miss knowing these things about my friends (Twitter and Facebook have added a lot of little detailed information, but I think they've taken away some of the big picture).

Read more... )
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Gah. Husband just commented that I've been listening to things louder recently. And I noticed that I've been asking people to repeat themselves more. Maybe it's true that not being allowed to wear headphones at my current job location is having negative effects on my hearing. Well, it's only another two weeks standard--but then I'll be floating after that. I dunno. Thinking of actually bringing it up as an issue to HR.
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x-post from Livejournal to Facebook, as it is sufficiently significantly updatey--

I do not like being in car accidents.

Last night, Costco was having its annual corporate member renewal thing. They feed you li'l smokies and meatballs and pizza and cake and give you some sales pitches. If you renew then, you get a (humongous) apple pie and some cash back. So Phil picks me up from downtown after work and we sally forth into rush hour traffic.

Traffic slows to a halt. We're stopped. Then there's a tremendous crashing and our car's flung forward and it feels like a huge hand just punched me in the small of the back and between my shoulder blades. The back of my seat flops down, so it's from a recumbent position that I watch us slide forward to smack the car twenty feet ahead of us.

Everybody's pretty much unhurt (though my back is sore), so insurance information is exchanged and we limp off our various ways. The entire rear bumper is cracked and dangling down from the back of our car, including the license plate, so Phil jerry-rigs a bumper sling out of my scarf to hold things together, and we proceed to Costco. Our car isn't really that driveable at the moment, what with dangling license plate and non-functional seats (Phil's is also permanently reclining, if not flat like the passenger seat one). We're looking at $?? to repair it, or $1,000 - $2,000 for a new-to-us car. We have liability-only insurance, so ours isn't helping out, but we can file a claim with the other guy's insurance, though we'll have to do it on our own. Fun times.

This morning, we had $1,000 apple pie for breakfast.
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Grrreeaaat. Got a Spec the Halls email "Rejected because is listed in njabl.dnsbl." That IP address is not my current IP address, but we use USI Wireless, so (as I understand it) we don't have a static IP. This may also explain why I had a couple of other emails filtered into people's spam--if somebody spams using a USI IP, then the next person who gets that IP is tarred with the same brush.

And as far as I can tell, there's fuck-all I can do about it.

I guess I can email USI Wireless and that particular blacklist, but whether or not they'll do anything.... Or I can always check my IP before emailing people, but--argh! Who knows how many "bad" IPs there are. And if it just filters emails into a spam folder, I don't think I get a bounceback (I'm not 'zactly sure how all this works.). Is there a central ISP-checker that'll tell me if it's listed as a spammer?

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  • - Our kitten, Fu Manchu, is now big enough to jump on kitchen counters. Heaven help us all.
  • Yay, Google!
  • Loving the "Decreased Productivity" Firefox web-surfing add-on:
  • Disable favicons in tabs in firefox:
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  • -- Since the "headphones only" policy was enforced, co-worker constantly, tunelessly sings along with Christmas carols.
  • Coworker just estimated my age as 7 years older than I am. Yikes!
  • Ninja Assassin now $5 rate at Kerasote (with free membership). Must see! Mpls folk--want to go with (me)?

* I really wish those two went together in ways beyond the title.
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Why yes, I am having an immune system response to the flu shot. And to the tetanus booster. And having blood drawn + painkillers has made me a bit lightheaded. And I've been staring at the computer screen doing data entry for a day job project all evening.

On the other hand, looking at the snow outside, I'm quite happy I'm working from home tomorrow.
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Friday, the day job handed me an odd little project that's effectively due Monday evening. It's finding emails in a database that are listed in a spreadsheet I was given, and marking them. Except I can't actually look at any of the documents. I can run searches for different word combinations, but I can't check the results. Oh, and the spreadsheet doesn't actually have email subject lines, just a 'description'. And it's an online database and I have to do multiple searches and filters and things to approximate a reasonable result set. I have worked all weekend and will be working super-late tomorrow in hopes of finishing this. And I am becoming distinctly irritated by people who leave the subject lines of their emails blank.


I took a bit of time in the afternoon to get a Christmas tree! (The annual getting-a-Christmas-tree fight had already been settled.) So now I have a lovely tree settling in my living room, after much kerfuffle getting it screwed into the stand in a stable fashion.

So happy.
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  • Stubborn husband says he broke his toe but is refusing to see doctor.

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  • It's freeeezing at work. Purple fingernails. Next time I'm bringing fleece, fingerless gloves, and microwaveable grain bags.
  • Prescription: Nature. (SciAm)
  • Might have just arranged to purchase a bootleg of Ninja Assassin. Enjoying the uncertainty.
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  • "You own a homechulus," Carl managed to say around the sudden constriction of his throat. "I thought you were against them." #nwm
  • "So I do, and so I am. Our clients expect it. It's sadly necessary--like your homechulus horses. You could never afford real ones." #nwm
  • Slightly stunned there's a "Garden and Gun" magazine. It's Southern.
  • Grr. Phone line is down. Qwest Online wants mysterious "security code" *which they will call me with*. Double-grr.

  • And...a couple of minutes later--
  • Props to Qwest for tracking Twitter and offering tweet tech support!
  • Still no phone service, though.
  • Extremely surreal tattoo:


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