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12/05/2009 - Saturday, spent most of the day on day job stuff
* Top Ten Reasons Your Editor Doesn't Love What Your Critique Group Does:

12/03/2009 - Thursday, no day job
* NanoWriMo
* Posted writing log.
* Penthius freewriting about voodoo and slavery and--pirates. Am confused.
* Processed "A Phoenix By Any Other Name" acceptance by!
* Processed "These Things Take Time" form letter rejection by New Myths.
* Processed "Charity From a Thief" personal rejection (with specific editorial feedback!) from Beneath Ceaseless Skies. Will be making edits to use feedback before submitting story elsewhere.
* Processed "Road of Dreams" personal rejection from Screams and Dreams Anthology and editor's proposed non-paying acceptance from Liquid Imagination. (I'll try paying markets first, though I do like the way they mesh art and writing--it's always awesome to see what art people think goes with my stories.)
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10/28/2009 - Wednesday
* Put the "Missing You In Pieces" submission and shortlisting information in my manuscript and submission tracking documents.
* Posted writing log.
* [ profile] penthius freewriting inspired by "Back in Black."
* Submitted "Charity From a Thief" to Beneath Ceaseless Skies.
* Redmarked first 9 pgs of Vicesteed chapter 20, from 4:30 pm to 5:45 pm, 9:30 - 10:15.
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Cumulative and boring. I've been busy with work stuff and haven't gotten much done a-tall. Except for Friday.

9/3/2009 - Thursday
* Added joining Broad Universe to me "To Do Once Pro" file. Yes, I have a file. It's where I keep my stratagems.
* Processed personal "Caught out attention, but--" rejection of "Charity From a Thief" by Heroic Fantasy Quarterly.

9/2/2009 - Wednesday
* Ken Schneyer's Clarion reports: For writing tips, check out the "Week Three Report" as well as the "Some Writing Wisdom..."
* Posted part 3 of my CONvergence panel notes, this time with pictures.

9/1/2009 - Tuesday
* Posted request for volunteers to crit, "Missing You in Pieces." (No takers.)

08/28/2009 - Friday
* Finished "Missing You In Pieces"--and I absolutely agree with [ profile] yuki_onna that there ought to be confetti and kazoos when a piece is finished. And applause. (Perhaps confetti only for novels.) Seems like there ought to be a device one could create to do that. (Wasn't there a web page somewhere on the internets that had a big red button that, when pushed, produced applause?)

08/27/2009 - Thursday
* Posted writing log.
* Penthius freewriting about a girl kidnapped and found two decades later.
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05/10/2009 - Sunday, no work
* Posted writing log.
* [ profile] penthius freewriting about marketing temporary death.
* Saved freewritings from this week to the master document. I used to save after every one, but of late, I've been doing these during downtime at work, so I need to save them en masse.
* Updated market list from Duotrope.
* Submitted "The Radiator Burped" to Strange, Weird, and Wonderful--I'm a little confused about their submission periods as they say they have a submission period that starts in July, but the note at the top says they're taking submissions for Fall and Winter issues (I'm aiming for Fall.). Confusion abounds, but I submitted anyway.
* Submitted "Charity From a Thief" to Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, a pretty badass new market.
* Worked on editing Vicesteed ch. 17.
* Submitted "Road of Dreams" to Withersin.
* Queried Escape Clause Anthology about the status of "The Haunts of Hill Crossing." I read that they were expecting to send out all responses by 04/10/2009, but I haven't heard anything yet.
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04/30/2009 - full work, but there were a couple of beautiful hours of downtime.
* Posted writing log.
* [ profile] penthius freewriting about this:
* Updated market list from my Gmail to-do labels.
* Updated submission order for "Charity From a Thief," "The Radiator Burped," "Road of Dreams," "A Phoenix By Any Other Name," and "The Miracle Material" and picked where they're going to next--not necessarily the market that pays the most, but the new market that pays well and is what I think is a really good fit. Given the choice between an older magazine and a newer one, I sub to the newer one on the theory that their slush pile is smaller.
* Processed Dead Bait Anthology's very nice form letter rejection of "Miracle Material." Le sigh.
* Read Critters newsletter and various mid-week ad mailings from my writing newsletter people.
* Submitted "The Miracle Material" to Shock Totem after much wailing and gnashing of teeth over OpenOffice's difficulties with, it seems, the very notion of the .RTF format. (More on that later--the quick answer is "AbiWord.")

What on earth did writers with day jobs do before there were decent-sized thumb drives?

Writing Log

Sep. 8th, 2008 04:13 pm
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09/07/2008 - Sunday, no work
* [ profile] penthius freewriting, a very low potential romance snippet
* Posted writing log
* Finished updating markets list from Ralan monthly report.
* Read WritingWorld, WritersDigest, FundsforWriters, and FFWSmallMarkets newsletters.
* Processed Weird Tales' rejection of "Charity From a Thief" - Their response was later than their stated guidelines, but they were very responsive when I queried about the status, which was nice. Alas, 'twas still a rejection.
* Updated submission order for "Salvaging Scottwell"

Writing Log

Sep. 2nd, 2008 11:08 am
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09/01/2008 - Monday, no work *because it's Labor Day, awww yeah*
* Penthius freewriting - some environmentalist wish-fulfillment
* Posted writing log.
* Figured out submission order for "These Things Take Time" and submitted to Hub.
* Processed receipt acknowledgments from Hub and Doorways. I like that more and more markets are doing this.
* Updated status of "Salvaging Scottwell," since I got one minor comment back from Baen's Universe Slush and so should really not be waiting for more.
* Queried Weird Tales re status of "Charity From a Thief" - response is a month overdue according to their guidelines.

Writing Log

Jun. 2nd, 2008 02:19 pm
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Sunday, no work
* [ profile] penthius freewriting, a high-potential idea for linked short stories.
* Posted writing log.
* Processed Cemetary Dance's form rejection of "Good Help is Hard to Find"
* Processed Allegory's form rejection of "The Perfect Costume" (reprint)
* Processed GUD's "shows promise" rejection of "Charity From a Thief"
* Read 2 FundsforWriters, AbsoluteWrite, WritersWeekly, FFWSmallMarkets newsletters
* Read and responded to Baen's Bar comments on "The Unkindness of Ravens." Among other things, kept self from bitch-slapping negative commenter who I suspect was trying to make the competition look bad.
* Submitted "Charity From a Thief" to Weird Tales.
* Updated submission order list for "Miracle Material"
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05/26/2008 - Monday, Memorial Day, no work but Phil was around and wouldn't give me the computer for a while. There was also copious sleeping in. Mmm, sleeping in. I used this day as an "extra" Sunday, so I worked on submissions and miscellaneous writing-related tasks, of which there is a never-ending supply.
* Posted writing logs for the last few days.
* [ profile] penthius freewriting, a nice high-potential little teaser of a story about love and swords and politics.
* Updated Markets list from newsletter
* Submitted "The Unkindness of Ravens" to Baen's Universe slush. Now I will have comments filtering back to me for a few days. And if they like it well enough, it might get chosen to be published. The competition is quite fierce, though!
* Submitted "Charity From a Thief" to GUD.
* Submitted "The Radiator Burped" to Les Bonne Fees.


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