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The Saturday before Easter, my father married Elena, a long-time family friend. We left Wednesday afternoon, took two days to drive down to Kansas, and drove home in one shot on Easter Sunday.
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  • 15:03 "Pandora leads to frustration with Emusic and Spiralfrog music selection." I should be an Onion headline.
  • 23:04 Eek. Mom & Dad were tandem biking, got hit by a car. Initial reports are OK, but Dad's being stubborn about going to hospital.
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  • 00:20 Now new monitor is working on desktop, and old monitor is working with laptop. Mysteriouser and mysteriouser.
  • 14:04 Pants ripped right below the seat. Fortunately, *after* church. Still went to Midtown Market for lunch/browsing. Fun morning!
  • 14:35 It's with great pleasure that I fill in '0' for hours worked this weekend.
  • 17:42 How long does it take for food poisoning symptoms to show up? Ate about five hours ago, stomach now uncomfortable.
  • 17:45 Updated Aswiebe's Market List:
  • 19:24 Feeling better, guess it was just an uncomfortable stomach, not food poisoning.
  • 22:53 My dad got laid off--his teaching contract wasn't renewed. They've applied to teach in India again.
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