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Minnesota writers of science fiction, fantasy, and horror come together in By Polaris Bright, the third annual MinnSpec anthology.

With By Polaris Bright, award winning small-press publisher Alban Lake Publishing and the 350+ member strong Minnesota Speculative Fiction Writers follow up their successful Northern Lights and Sky-Tinted Waters anthologies with twenty new tales certain to thrill, entertain, and illuminate. Within these pages the reader will find exciting fantasy, horror, and science fiction stories featuring:

Magic that comes in a jar.

A town where only the men are peaceful.

The secret lives of clouds.

A magic marker whose images become reality.

A smart phone with a personality.

…And fourteen more tales of adventure, enchantment, humor, terror, magic and science gone wrong, the unexplained, and the unanticipated by twenty author ranging from debut talents to established professionals in the field of speculative fiction.

My (reprinted) story, "Diplomatic Relations," involves the lengths a group of human diplomats must go to in order to establish peaceful relations with a newly contacted alien species. Think Star Trek, but X-rated. Definitely not for everyone, but just right for some people.

Trade paperback ($12) via publisher Alban Lake
Ebook ($3.99) via Smashwords
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11/05/2009 - Thursday
* Write characters, not Mary Sues:
* Post writing log.
* Some ghetto penthius freewriting
* Nano WriMo writing.
* Processed Baen's Universe acceptance of "Salvaging Scottwell." (Squee!)
* Updated agent hunt list.
* Added Beauty and the Beast story idea for Enchanted Conversations to the Ideas at Bat file.
* Processed Things We Are Not payment for "Diplomatic Relations" and updated cover letter, bio, and blog profile for pseudonym.
* Added correct name for spaceship in Vicesteed to characters file.
* Added writing expense.
* Got "Lover's Key" ready to edit.
* Processed MinnSpecer crits of Vicesteed chs. 18 and 22.
* Redmarked Vicesteed ch. 21.
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This morning I
* ate two meals while reading the internets.
* cleaned table-top in preparation for finishing it.
* called emergency room billing and gave them our (lacking) insurance information, so they can not bill us for the full cost.
* tagged, titled, and loaded the dozen photos from last year's orientation photo gig.
* scheduled an estimate meeting with a fencing company.
* emailed off a photo to use for the anthology that a story's coming out in.

Why doesn't that feel like enough? Why didn't I get more done?

Then I bused in to work, compiled and emailed in accumulated tracking spreadsheets, and now I (probably) have three hours of downtime before I have to go to my physical therapy appointment after work.
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05/09/2009 - Saturday, no work
* Read WritersDigest newsletter.
* Submitted "Diplomatic Relations" to M-Brane SF Queer Anthology.
* Fought a lot with OpenOffice 3.x's crashiness and problems saving in RTF format. By "fought a lot," I mean that Phil was on another floor of the house and I traumatized him.

05/08/2009 - Friday, full work, some downtime
* Dealt with the hazards of multiple versions of a working draft: merged the updated first three chapters from my home version with the more-recently-edited-elsewhere thumb drive version, and changed the paragraph I'd saved in my email. Then synced that version on home computer and thumb drive.
* Decided to be patient a little longer and not query about the status of "Salvaging Scottwell" (they've been holding the RTF version for 3 months, but molasses moves a lot faster than the publishing industry).
* Joined and submitted "Dining on a Dead Girl's Dime" to the MNArtists' miniStories Flash Fiction Contest (thanks for the idea, [ profile] inktea!).
* Began formatting "Diplomatic Relations" for a reprint submission. Stumbled up against AbiWord problems with headers.
* Read Writing-World, FundsforWriters, and FFWMarkets newsletters.
* Writing-World feature article, "Music to Write By" ( I use music to set the writing mood, but the idea of "anchoring" is a new and interesting one. Now I just need to figure out what my starting song should be.
* Posted writing log.
* [ profile] penthius freewriting about Death's need for a gardener.
* Worked on making editing changes to Vicesteed ch. 17


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