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We Shall Go...Into The West

And...into the Future!
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So, I have some trouble telling people apart. It's a standing joke at our house that I think "all white people look alike" (I have this problem slightly less with people whose skin tone has a wider range). I frequently confuse those around me when I try to identify which movies I've seen actors in--almost always I agglomerate a couple of actors.

However! Today it's not just me. It really is the Day of the Doppelgangers.

This morning at Spyhouse, I saw what I first thought was a good friend. [ profile] fayde assured me that it was not. I am still not wholly convinced.

See if you 'recognize' her. )

And then in the skyway doing a courier run, I saw my mother-in-law. Ten years younger, 30 pounds lighter, but the resemblance was uncanny. I stopped and stared. It rather disconcerted her, I'm afraid.

...I wonder what they're here for?
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x-post Fb/LJ--

One of my friends was writing about her knitting things for Christmas. Another friend was writing about her experiments in brewing what I can only hope/dread might be Christmas presents.

I need a hobby that can translate to gifts. (I only half-heartedly cross-stitch, and that *so* doesn't count--still working on the same thing I was, um, 3 years ago. It's a "pick up every few months for a few minutes" sort of hobby.)

Maybe I can give out coupons for 1/2 hour photo shoots! (Digital copies only.) Good for birthdays, parties*, dating site profiles, or engagements. Because aren't coupons everybody's favorite Christmas gift?


I could write a short story in which somebody was abducted by aliens or gruesomely killed.


Hmm. Maybe I should dig out my psanky tools and hand out Easter eggs for Christmas. Or not.

I have such talented friends.

* Side-bar: So, at the photo shoot this afternoon, one of the girls asked if I would photograph a quinceanero and what I would charge. I think that would be awesome, but I have no idea what sort of photographs would be wanted. I mean--she asked me while I was doing a fairly standard high school photo shoot. Am confused. But I have her email, so--who knows? Also, I really need a 50mm lens.
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  • 15:04 FYI, people are pretty much ALWAYS welcome to drop in & hang out, as long as they don't expect us to be entertaining.
  • 17:10 "Bacon salt is a zero calorie, zero fat, vegetarian and kosher seasoning that makes everything taste like bacon."
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I am not good at creating my own costumes. This year, instead of half-assing it, I decided to actually buy a costume for a change. I learned a few things in this process:
* It's damned hard to find a "girl" costume that has a skirt longer than roughly three inches.
* Target does carry costume adhesive, it just hides it next to the bras.
* Backless, strapless, self-adhesive, washable bras exist. And they "regenerate" their adhesive after being washed, which is just plain creepy.
* It will always take longer to put on a costume than I think it will.
* Wigs are difficult.
* Fake eyelashes are impossible. Don't even try.
* Foundling thinks pantyhose are a great toy to pounce upon.
* I can wear high heels again! But not all evening. But that's because my feet hurt, not my knee!

I like how it turned out, though. And other people had quite good costumes as well (though I stopped taking pictures at the second party, for reasons even I'm not sure of).

Here There Be Snapshots )

All the pictures I took are up here:
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  • 12:44 Pictures of cvalenti and sevenian are up here:
  • 13:10 Phil yesterday: "Can't go anywhere Saturday. Must repair garage door." Phil today: "Must eat BLTs and sleep off hangover."
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  • 07:06 I should learn never to plan on what I'll be doing during downtime, because then the downtime will go away.
  • 09:31 The Realtors want me to know the housing market is "fundamentally sound." Bad word choice.
  • 11:50 Again the people at work think I'm vegetarian. This confuses all of us.
  • 12:23 Beginning to suspect the "free pizza" was just a ploy to keep me working longer.
  • 19:38 An essential part of party preparation, oft-forgotten: an extra roll of toilet paper in the bathroom.
  • 20:16 Hanging out with Donnie, who seems to have gotten really into UFO conspiracy theory of late. Excellent fodder.
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Oct. 16th, 2008 09:58 pm
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A bunch of my friends are in charge of organizing the puzzle quest this time around. It sounds neat! Now, I've never done this before and so might suck most horribly. So I kinda don't want to sign up with total strangers, because that's a lousy way to make a first impression.

And I think those of my friends who are interested in puzzles are organizing it, and therefore not playing, this time around.

So let me know if you're not planning it, but would like to join a team to play on October 25th. 4 people is best. I need to know soon, or I'll sign up to do the test run on Saturday if they're still looking for people.
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Or at least the light contrast makes it photogenic.


More pictures. )
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The full set of wedding photos

I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation. The last week has been remarkably full. We had houseguests for the wedding, though neither they nor we actually spent much time in the house. It started with a great grilling groom's dinner, to kind of ease us into the festivities.

What we've been running around like crazy people and doing. )

Reservations for Chino Latino might be useful, even on a Monday night, though we were able to get seating. The mix of Asian and South American food is very appealing, and most of what we tried was delicious. This would not be as good a restaurant to go to alone, but with about four people so you can share a big plate and two little ones, it's a great choice. The big plate was as much larger than we expected as the small plate was smaller. The carne asada a la moreliana, a platter of slow-cooked beef barbacoa and chipotle spiked chicken tinga served with black beans, guacamole, pico de gallo, chile de arbol salsa and fresh corn tortillas, was delicious. I find that the "here's some platters of deliciousness, and here's some small tortillas" dishes usually are. The dumplings were a bit cold and nothing special, though Phil liked them. The jerk chicken skewers with spicy mango relish were very good, but there were only two large skewers in an order. The black bean soup tasted a lot like the regular black beans. I'd definitely go back with a group that's willing to share food.

My mom requested an Indian restaurant, and I'd recently read interesting reviews of Dancing Ganesha, so we went there for the lunch buffet. The food was very good and flavorful and a deal at $10 for the buffet, but the restaurant did have a few shortfalls. The service was--what service? The food was not labeled, so there was no way to tell what was what or even what was vegetarian. The gulab jamun tasted a bit odd, as if the buffet used ones that were canned instead of fresh. They don't offer plain sweet lassi, only mango lassi. And you'd have to go up to the bar to order it, because--see above comment about the service. The good still outweighed the bad, however! The food was very well flavored--the chicken Tandoori was some of the best I've eaten in America, tender and flavorful instead of dried out and bland. There were many dishes on offer, complete with a full array of sauces and chutneys, although they were short on deserts. Complimentary dosas arrived at our table. There was a wide-screen television above the bar playing Bollywood movies. Last but not least, it's far enough from the heart of downtown (Harmon and 11th) that although it was full, it wasn't packed.

We saw We Live Like This, a Fringe Fest dance show which alternates and finally mixes tap dance with modern dance. Great fun and it showcased some impressive skills. In some of the larger ensemble pieces, we could tell the dancers weren't as skilled, but the smaller groups were fantastic. The different dance styles are a bit jarring at first, and then they become a nice alternating break, and then they work together (with a wink at the audience) in an entertaining way, better than I would have thought they could.

Oh! And in there I wrote a short story for a contest, got people to critique it (sorry for the hard sell--I get a little dissociated from correct social protocol when I'm in story thrall), edited it, and submitted it. I think it's pretty good, even if I did commit literature again.

Edited to add some details, because I had to stop my post partway through to allow the sysadmin to update the software I would use if I were actually working right now.
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  • 23:30 Volunteering to hold the wedding afterparty means No Sleep For Me. Instead, I get fun + alcohol.
  • 03:21 3:20 and things aren't even winding down. Rock. I, however, am ded.
  • 12:01 Blessings upon houseguests who abandon hot pockets in my freezer.
  • 12:16 Wedding shindiggery done. Now to clean up house and brace for parents staying with me for the next 3 days. (They arrive this afternoon.)
  • 12:55 DAMN it. Chair got scraped along the floor and severely fucked up our floor. I hate you all.
  • 12:58 That's it. No more furniture. Nothing but big floor pillows and people stripped of all sharp edges.
  • 16:29 Tweaking short story. The smaller it is, the more difficult it is to tweak.
  • 21:57 Amused how my parent's "late afternoon" arrival has turned into 10PM+.

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  • 09:05 Realized this morning that houseguests had No Way Out of our house except by breaking through a window. Oops.
  • 09:55 Trying to write a story due Aug. 4th. Don't know if it's possible, with all the wedding stuff.
  • 10:50 Would it be socially unacceptable to bring laptop and try writing at a social spa girly thing?
  • 11:20 "Eumenides Mediterranean Restaurant" Bwa-ha-ha-ha!
  • 11:35 140 words left. Too much story, not enough words!
  • 11:38 'Raw' is a more graphic word than 'bloody'. Excellent.

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  • 23:23 As is natural after sleeping for 6 hours this afternoon, I am now way too awake. ::facepalm::
  • 10:01 Friends' wedding events/craziness starts tonight. Multiple houseguests, too.
  • 10:18 The same day the wedding houseguests leave, my parents are coming to stay with us for 3 days.
  • 10:37 Shadow Unit is the paranormal investigation hotness, plus interesting mix-medium stuff. Go. Read.
  • 10:45 Want to see Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 tonight? Email me & I'll send you the free pass.
  • 10:46 Want to see it in Minneapolis, that is.
  • 17:29 Phil seems to be getting home late. Worrisome, since we have errands & appointments.
  • 23:08 Have rides arranged as necessary. Hooray!

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Whew. Finally got that sorted out. Fortunately, Grumpy's has a side room that can be reserved and doesn't require minimums or a rental fee. I've sent out a new email, but details are below the cut if you're looking for 'em here.

All the details )
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* Spam I don't want to be true: "McCain Sex Tape Surfaces" 11:28 PM July 24, 2008 from
* Phil reset the alarm for yesterday morning after I was gone and didn't reset it for today. Woke up 1 hr late. Luckily, not a problem. 11:15 AM July 25, 2008 from web
* Six-point plan for helping water crisis (SciAm). Tags: science, water wars. 11:25 AM July 25, 2008 from
* Feel better about bachlrtte plan now that am waiting on 2 callbacks & have a backup venue. 02:55 PM July 25, 2008 from
* Trying to reserve space. My eye is twitching. 04:30 PM July 25, 2008 from
* My eye won't stop twitching. 07:08 PM July 25, 2008 from
* Violent heroines are the new Mary Sue. about 23 hours ago from web
* Malcubed is melting in the heat. In Minnesota. Is funny. (Also, quite warm.) about 22 hours ago from web
* Free Obama button: https://political.moveon.or... about 21 hours ago from web

LoudTwitter workaround worked briefly, but it works no more. Alas. Fix now, damn it!
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In Cahoots with [ profile] chesh, [ profile] malcubed, [ profile] discoflamingo, & [ profile] bitwise. Later, Red Dragon.

Today will be all about happy and socializing with peoples. For the win.

...and I'll keep my cell with me at all times on the off-chance that one of the places I contacted re bachelorette will ever call me back
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For my own reference (and that of others, as applicable), [ profile] malcubed and [ profile] chesh's wedding registries are:

*, (
* Bed Bath and Beyond (registry #4452573, regGiftRegistry.asp?order_num=-1&wrn=-1958522684&)
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At [ profile] chesh's request, I tasted Buttercream's wedding cakes. I'm posting here for ease of inserting photos with text. Feel free to read if you like photos and descriptions of cake, I suppose!

Read more... )
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  • 13:29 Everything is spangled with raindrops outside right now. It's a great time to take photos. I'm keeping an eye out for the golden hour. #
  • 13:32 Randomly acquired a candy garter, which I'm planning on giving to a friend, but am tempted to keep for myself. #
  • 13:59 One of the people I was to interview today neglected to show up. Or provide any explanation for said "not showing up." How rude. #
  • 20:35 T-20 minutes to rhubarb muffins. Nik & Phil are drinking fine liquor and listening to pirate metal. #
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