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5/26/2014, Monday, Memorial Day

Theia appears to be settling into a new sleep pattern, one where she goes to sleep after 11 PM, wakes up at or before 6 AM, and then doesn't go back to sleep until 8 AM (at which point Cassius is usually awake, so I do not get to nap with her). This is a little hard on me. For instance, yesterday she went to sleep around midnight, and this morning she was awake at 5 AM. And then would not sleep again. My current morning routine, then, is to nurse her, grab a cup of (non-caf) tea and a piece of fruit, plop her in the bouncy seat in my study, and try to get anything done while she's in there. When she starts to fuss again, I try to nurse her to sleep. If Cassius is not yet awake, I try to sleep too. When Cassius wakes up, it's time for normal breakfast and the day really begins. On weekends this is a bit better because Phil takes the morning shift after 8 AM, but during the week, the second day in a row of less than 6 hours of sleep is Not Good. I don't care what Phil's coworker says, functioning on 5-6 hours of sleep is not a good idea for *this* person.

Only one pill left for Fu Manchu, and then hopefully we'll be done with his mysterious skin rash. Dear Lord, please let us be done. Phil refuses to pill the cat because he claims that something about testosterone makes Fu Manchu react extra badly. To be fair, he appears to be correct.

Cassius' speech is getting very good. At this point, probably 90% of what he says is understandable. I will miss his, "Oh, yles!" exclamations when he starts just saying, "Yes." And his, "Maybe NOT!" is hilarious. I do kind of wish he'd waited a while longer before he started complaining, "Not fair!" Phil blames himself for that one. Cassius is also fully into imaginative play, both for himself and for his toys. Train engines, fire fighters, and going to the library for books feature prominently. Phil has had a talk with him about the importance of *not* saying that there is a fire in his bedroom.

This was a good week for writing, if only because on Sunday I got to go to a coffee shop and write for about three hours while Phil kept watch over the sleeping children. In that time, I got more written than I have on any other day so far this year. And I enjoyed visiting the new neighborhood coffee shop, Five Watts Coffee. I hope they'll stick around. It's a pleasant space, easy to get to, and they do interesting experiments with their coffee drinks.

I am very close to writing the last scene of "You May Also Like Gas Masks," which makes me happy because then I can tackle the Big Difficult Thing, and finishing *that* is going to be a big huge happy-making relief. The Big Difficult Thing is writing/rewriting the dramatic ending of the first book of Circus of Brass and Bone. Where it should have been in the beginning. As I would have known if I paid attention to my writing instead of to my outline, instead of writing an extra 40+ thousand words! All part of my quest to "finish it properly" before I resumed posting episodes after the life-sucks hiatus. (Yes, I will keep kicking myself for that one for a while.)
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When one's spouse is essentially absent for three days in a row, and one has two very small mess-creators, it's a lot more difficult to get that post-vacation decompression/unpacking/cleaning done. Yeah. A LOT. By which I mean, it's still not all done. All our laundry tubs are overflowing with freshly washed but not yet folded laundry. I finally got around to unpacking my backpack only because I needed to pack it again with writing supplies for my coffee shop work-date. I'm still not sure how the dirty dishes managed to multiply so fast.

A week ago, we were out in Kansas for my widowed father's wedding. That is a post I need to make separately, because of all the little details I want to remember. And I have a ton of photos. We got back late Sunday night. Phil took Monday off as well, and on Tuesday he worked from home. Monday, we went to the Minnesota Zoo and had a pretty great "still on vacation" day. We brought our own ham bagel sandwiches, since I really couldn't purchase any food there and avoid dairy and soy. I still tried, since I had a blood sugar crash, but I ended up with a bag of chips and an apple and grateful for them.

Can you tell they're related?

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Now what do I do?


One of our cats, Fu Manchu, has taken to jumping into the playard's diaper-changing basket in the morning when I set the baby in the playard and go upstairs to shower and get ready for the day. This is probably because the baby usually cries when I do this, and Fu Manchu finds it important to keep an eye on crying babies, and also when the baby has Fu Manchu to watch, he cries less. But there may be other reasons....
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Everyone who knows our cat, Fu Manchu, has been expecting this day for some time. It all began innocently (and photogenically) enough....





Then things started to go wrong....
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Fu Manchu

He's getting bigger. More of a cat, less of a kitten, though he's still smaller than our other two. He pounces like a kitten and walks--well, like a bulldog, actually.

Poor thing

Mar. 2nd, 2010 11:31 am
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Scheduled Fu Manchu's neutering. Feel like a monster. But an adult male tomcat doesn't make a good inside cat, and we live in the city, where outside cats have shorter life expectancies by a lot.
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Fu Manchu is a very loving kitten (when he's not trying to destroy you). He's also a very food-motivated kitten. Love comes first, though. I know this because he always jumps up on my lap, paws on my chest, head butting my chin, and demands love and pettings first thing in the morning. When I'm eating breakfast. But all he's interested in is the love--he pays no attention to the food right behind him, which is amazing for this kitten. Of course, as soon as I set that bowl on the floor with a little bit of cereal milk still in it, he's on it.
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You know, a long rambling post where I write about where I'm at and what I'm doing and all the other things I think friends should know about each other but all too often don't these days. I encourage you to do one of these posts, too! I miss knowing these things about my friends (Twitter and Facebook have added a lot of little detailed information, but I think they've taken away some of the big picture).

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Poor husband. Last night he moved to the couch because of insomnia. Finally around 5 AM he came to bed. Unfortunately, doing so woke Fu Manchu up. The turbocharged terror careened around the upstairs for the next hour or so, knocking things over, attacking the other cats, attacking our faces, and generally destroying the world our sleep.

Tonight, husband is in bed and snoring softly before it's even 9 PM. Aww.
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  • The awesomest advice on not making common spelling errors, illustrated:
  • +++ Fu Manchu hasn't bitten my face *once* since we got home! And he's awfully cuddly. Fingers crossed this continues.
  • Salesguy: I'm not a manual labor sort of guy. Mgr: You are at NgithOwl.
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  • - Our kitten, Fu Manchu, is now big enough to jump on kitchen counters. Heaven help us all.
  • Yay, Google!
  • Loving the "Decreased Productivity" Firefox web-surfing add-on:
  • Disable favicons in tabs in firefox:
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  • Today's temperature range: 2 to -6 F. ::shivery shudder::
  • The cabbie looked at Carl and shook his head. "Two constables came and dragged him away. I thought the mannikin seemed sad afterward." #nwm
  • "Mayhap she just mirrored what the audience wanted, though, like she was ordered. I don't know more." Maybe, but Carl knew who would. #nwm
  • -- After an hour wrangling stupid mortgage people to get insurance check cashed,
  • -- Came home to find Fu Manchu had left wreckage of broken glass and scattered origami flowers in my study.
  • Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! (heartwarming)
  • Best ad email subject line today: "You Are Feeling Generous with the Meow Mix, yes...."
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  • Have been upstairs for 15 minutes, and already Fu Manchu has knocked 3 ornaments off the tree!
  • And that's why I hide my Gmail window and turn off Twitter notifications while I work:
  • The manikin sat, wrapped her arms around her knees, and buried her face in them. Though a doll can't cry, her small shoulders shook. #nwm
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  • Is there anybody who still needs Google wave invites? I've got a few.
  • Fu Manchu is sleeping on my slippers beside my desk. It's so adorable I cannot disturb him, despite my cold feet.
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I was in a darkened building with long hallways and tile floors--half college, half business. Fu Manchu ran out ahead of me and there was this horrible hissing and growling. I ran around the corner and saw a big black tomcat stretched out on the floor, bleeding. Fu Manchu stood behind him. On the other side were a whole bunch of cats growling at Fu Manchu. I knew that the tomcat had put himself between the other cats and Fu Manchu, to save him. He had a huge gash from his chest to his belly. I knew that I had to get him to a vet, but I only could carry one cat at a time in my hands, so I squished Fu Manchu into my backpack and zipped it up, but Fu Manchu kept pawing open the zipper, so it was very difficult to get him to stay inside. Then I picked up the tomcat and pushed the freight elevator button.
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  • "This is the client?" The girl's brow wrinkled as she peered into the cab. "No. Tell Mrs. Crinoline that this is urgent--and secret." #nwm
  • Should I get a Verizon Droid or a T-Mobile Clique? Network quality/cost? Other factors?
  • Overheard from bathroom containing Fu Manchu and Phil: "Mew." "No! No, that's urine!" "Mew." "Keep that up and I'll pee on your head!"
  • + Found a huge black glass marble under the fence while painting. Ah, childhood nostalgia.
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Aw, they grow up so fast! (sniff)


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  • Carl Watts looked from her mushroom-pale skin to the stone-carved words over the door she fled from: "Work Shall Set Ye Free." #nwm #twitfic
  • YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Salvaging Scottwell" is officially accepted by Baen's Universe. My first pro sale!
  • His statements didn't sound like he'd make a good mayor, *but* this is hilarious. (BoingBoing)
  • When squirrel removal guys say they'll install a "monitor," they really mean they'll tape a plastic bag over the hole.
  • Fu Manchu is turning into an excellent writing cat! His current toy is a wadded-up ball of paper.
  • Er, that should be, *writer's* cat.
  • ++++++ I now have 2 squirrels in cages and (hopefully) NO SQUIRRELS IN THE WALLS.
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  • Wearing shiny silver-and-black striped Halloween socks with jack o-lanterns on them. Festive!
  • Thanks be to the rain for giving me a day without contractors around my house.
  • Here's hoping it doesn't wash away the newly stuccoed wall.
  • Must discourage Fu Manchu's tendency to show affection by purring, nuzzling--and then biting your face.
  • Pandora is trying to feed me Britney Spears. It's ridiculously auto-tuned. I expect her to be discussing politics. She's not.
  • Yay! Finally got ahold of boss, pay rate straightened out--sounds like it was boss/HR miscommunication.
  • Husband gets to fly *business class* to *Singapore*. Is ded of envy.
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I put a thumb drive in my shirt pocket and head upstairs towards the computer. The cats are being needy, so I stop to feed them. As I am bending over the kitten's dish, the thumb drive slips out of my pocket and lands in the water dish. Crap! I fish it out and go downstairs to submerge it in the rice container.

Instead, as the pantry is dark and I am groggy, I put it in the flour. As soon as I realize I have, in fact, breaded the thumb drive, I jerk it back out. When I do this, I knock the cornstarch off the shelf and it lands in the kitten's downstairs water dish, spilling water all over. I pick the box up before any cornstarch spills. I dry off the box. I pull the thumb drive back out and blow the flour off as well as I can and put it in the rice container. Then I mop up the spilled water.

Now I just have to remember to take the thumb drive out so that I don't accidentally cook it along with the rice.


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