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My karma, it is instant. A couple of days ago, I accidentally injured [ profile] mischief03 while in martial arts class. Today, I accidentally injured myself.

I lunged forward*, my knee turned out--and there was an awful pain in my knee as the joint did something it shouldn't ought to. I fell over, making the usual pain noises, swearing and so forth. There was much help and icing and eventually it felt good enough that I stood, and moved about a bit, and put my weight on it--and fell down and made pain noises and lay there for a while. There may have been a couple of tears.

So I did the thing that Phil had "forbidden" me from ever doing again: called him and told him I'd hurt myself badly and could he come and pick me up and bring the crutches from the last time I injured myself?

We went to the emergency room and they x-rayed the knee to verify that I hadn't broken anything, gave me a pain scrip and a referral to an orthopedic clinic. They couldn't tell what happened. I didn't have any of the point pain expected from a ligament tear. Apparently it would be really, really difficult for me to have dislocated my kneecap--I have an unusually deep groove that the holding-your-knee-cap-in-place ligament runs through, so it would have taken a lot of work. There was some mumbling about meniscus or knee cartilage damage.

Phil is trying to argue me into permanently quitting martial arts. He says I don't have a leg to stand on in this argument**.

The state of things: I hurt my other knee somehow. It's very painful. We don't know what the damage is yet, and won't until after I have an orthopedic appointment--so not until at least Monday, probably later. I'm heavily drugged and on crutches and not going out to social things for a while.

* I have long arms and legs and I tend to sprawl and galumph my way through sparring--which is a tendency that is harmful. To me.

** Dark humor, it is my favorite kind.
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  • 08:34 Really need to make up sleep deficit, but have calculated the earliest I can sleep in is a week from Friday.
  • 22:44 Realized today that a significant portion of my communication is in sound effects, not words. But people understand!
  • 23:01 Full workday, 2 hours of martial arts, laundry, and getting taxes ready to mail. It's not much to show for a day, but it's what I've got.
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I broke one of my favorite people tonight. We were working on arm-bars in grappling class and I got leverage at just the wrong angle and there was a pop-crunch noise and a really emphatic tap-out.


I really hope it was just a temporary elbow dislocation or something else that will be fine on its own soon. And in the future, I will remember that [ profile] mischief03 is a delicate flower.

Also I am not sure what the proper social protocol is for, "Oops, I'm sorry I broke you." Flowers? Vials of painkiller? Miss Manners has not properly addressed this issue.
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This morning, we practiced more chokes, and I discovered that my--ah, unassertive--chin was actually an advantage. Once I put my chin down, my partner had a really difficult time working her arm under it enough to get a chokehold. Finally, the Wiebe Yoder chin* is useful!

* This is why all my men on my father's side have big, bushy beards. Well, that and because they're Mennonite.
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  • 11:31 Somehow, tea that steeps in a canteen in my backpack as I bike always tastes better.
  • 12:11 Picture the food of the future (SciAm):
  • 22:56 Discovered I neglected to mark my calendar with when I don't need knee brace. Unacceptable. 1 extra day is too long.
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I've started attending 2 straight hours of martial arts classes, the beginners class and the advanced class. This is so 1) I can get in better shape, and 2) I can actively review my material and get corrections when needed. All in service of me testing for my black belt naturally. That's a looong workout, but so far it's been doable. Eventually, I hope to get up to 3 straight hours of classes by staying and going to the boxing/bagwork class after regular martial arts training. I like that class--that's when I get to really go full-out. Though I was swaying on my feet at the end on Tuesday (the first day I tried this), and my work/busing schedule made today a little insane.

work ridiculousness )

I arrive home with about 1/2 hour to unpack work bag and pack up martial arts bag and shower and grab something to eat. I shower and pack bag and eat bagel as I walk to bus stop. I braid my hair and take out my earrings at the dojang. I have two hours of classes and then I hitch a ride home and collapse on the couch with what I have decided is the perfect post-workout snack: a piece of pita bread and a jar of hummus. Yum. Savory and delicious.

Class was interesting today--Inst. kind of just kept the beginner's class going, letting the advanced belts bow in and beginners leave if they needed to. It was neat. I got to work a lot on techniques, which I'd like more of. My beginner partner bowed out at the halfway point, leaving me the only girl in the class. So I got to rotate in with the guys grappling. Good for variety--and interesting being up against opponents who (mostly) had more upper body strength than me. I'm still lousy at grappling, though I've figured out that some of my positioning problems really are because of the knee brace, and not just because I'm not good at that. Really can't wait to be rid of that metal-and-velcro contraption.

After arriving home--
Me: Hey, hon. I had good classes. In the 2nd one, I was the only girl, so I ended up grappling with the guys.
Phil: [makes growling, hissing noises like a cat defending his territory]
Me: It's okay. I assure you, I'm not sexy after an hour or so of class. I am sweaty and stinky and my hair's all messed up.
Phil: Doesn't matter. Wife is always sexy. [growl, hiss]
Me: Awwwww.
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  • 00:03 Pro tip: After martial arts class, I throw sparring armor into the bathtub and shower over it. Not as good as soaking with bleach, but g ...
  • 01:21 Snoring cats are super-cute. They're quiet enough not to be obnoxious, but who doesn't love a cute flawed thing?
  • 12:47 "The Twouble with Twitter" (vid, SFW, via @pegkerr) is hilarious and pointed. All fear the Fail Whale!
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  • 13:43 Joined Online Writing Workshop. Any other writingy folk members?
  • 16:58 So, if you decimate a myriad of foes, you'll have 9,000 left. Not very good, really.
  • 17:39 - It *would* start raining again right before I have to go catch bus to martial arts class. Ah, well. Still not melty.
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  • 10:59 Stomach still not 100% okay. Probably not a good idea to go jump up and down and get kicked a lot, but we'll see how I feel closer to class.

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  • 23:15 Poor sick husband is *still* sick. And beginning to get cranky about the whole thing.
  • 12:07 Most of my chapters have been 3-6k words. This one is *14*k. What was I *thinking*??
  • 13:39 "Cat, what is best in life?" "To lurk behind my human and pounce on her braid as she does sit-ups."
  • 17:49 Hamster-directed Roomba:
  • 21:47 Grappling class was me and the guys tonight. There was nervousness about girl cooties.
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  • 11:33 Not at all looking forward to rewriting beginning of Chapter 11. ::Grits teeth, braces self.::
  • 14:02 Wee! Most excellent mail. Free Roomba & comp copies of magazine with my story in it. And CSA receipt!
  • 14:03 Domed cities: #science
  • 14:20 My story, "Periwinkle Eyes," published in Art Times, March issue. LJ post:
  • 22:58 2 hours of martial arts. Regular class + boxing class. Very tired, but it feels good. Fear my uppercut.
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  • 10:06 TOBY funny--and yes, I *am* a fan of Clint Eastwood movies.
  • 11:03 + Got new books! J.D. Robb's "Promises in Death" & C.J. Cherryh's "Regenesis." But can't read, must write. Meep.
  • 15:09 Wow, dojang has declared a snow day. No classes. Me=staying home and warm. Too bad Phil's sick, too, poor guy.
  • 15:45 Attempting to write and edit in description of a clockwork horse's head a young woman keeps hidden in her closet. Failing.
  • 16:35 Yale also offers its lectures as MP3s. I'll never run out of listening material again.
  • 16:42 Starting out with "Introduction to Astrophysics" and "The Good Life: Happiness."
  • 16:57 If you care about universal health care, let congress know (MoveOn):
  • 18:47 If a kid comes by asking to shovel, we're kind of obligated to say yes. At least he took care of the first 4 inches of this snowstorm.
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Maybe of interest to those whose schedules aren't convenient, but who are interested in studying martial arts or just generally getting in shape: my dojang has added classes over the lunch hour. They cover the same material as the evening classes. Students can attend all or either ([ profile] mischief03 is going to the noon class as well as three hours of evening classes. I'm working up to that level of insanity dedication.)

I'm doing better in classes, better with techniques, and better with jump kicks, than I was when I first got back after knee surgery. I have lots of room left for improvement. Lots and lots. Taking off 2 weeks for sickness + family funeral didn't 'zactly help my stamina, either. On the other hand, taking that time off has allowed my nagging muscle injury (on the other leg) to settle down. I can do kicks without pain! Woo! Now I just have to keep doing physical therapy stretches to keep that scar tissue from tightening up and making me tear the muscle again when I work out.

I also have to remind myself that right now, I should only be measuring myself against myself-after-surgery. And I'm continuing to get stronger, faster, more flexible, and more stable.
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  • 17:37 Was studying martial arts notes on bus, got propositioned by man who wanted me to be his "personal trainer."
  • 18:12 Slumdog Millionaire: The sweetest romantic movie about the slums of India that uses framing devices of police torture and a game show.
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  • 23:48 I don't eat much fish, but this is an awesome tool. I love living in the future:
  • 09:22 Phil singing the Chiquita banana song in falsetto = a great, surreal start to the day.
  • 11:40 The case for my sparring mouth guard has air holes. That's kinda disturbing.
  • 12:07 Filled with ::hate:: for job postings that only get a bounceback email redirecting to "recruiting" websites.
  • 12:29 Ha! Typing up leg check technique notes--and No More Kings' "Sweep the Leg" pops up on Pandora.
  • 14:06 Nanobama!
  • 14:37 When you hear, "Pocket Patriot," is your first thought of historical quotes? Mine isn't.
  • 16:05 Just went to save new story for the first time and word processor seems to have crashed. May cry.
  • 16:07 Given enough time, it saved itself. Whew!
  • 22:08 Costco tour was disappointing. They had insufficient vats. But their cheese was cheap enough a membership is ours.
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  • 14:59 Bruises on my wrist from grappling are right where shirt cuffs button and wrists get rested. Owie.
  • 22:25 New Aswiebe's Market List update:
  • 23:17 "Tokyo Gore Police" - D- for lack of plot and physics failures. Has moments of awesome. Xtremely gory.
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I'm readjusting.

Drink more water that day. Eat a very light dinner, early. Shower. Bus to class (2 buses, despite how close it is). Strap on the knee brace and change. Review my material for a few minutes until class starts. Try to push myself despite feeling like am about to keel over and should really go lie down somewhere and take a nice nap. Change, pack up my gear, and hustle out of class so I don't miss the bus (about 1/3 of the time, so far). Get home. Accept Foundling's rapturous affection (he loves it when I'm stinky). Shower and wash my hair. Unpack gear bag and throw clothes to be washed in appropriate direction. Have a little something to eat, but resist urge to a) eat second dinner, or b) have a drink. Take ibuprofen and ice particularly painful spots (today, knee scar and old scar tissue in the belly of my thigh).

Fall asleep with no trouble and sleep amazingly well. Edited to add: But not last night. Yargh. This is what no mandatory (work) schedule does. After a couple of nights of overgenerous sleeping, I found it impossible to fall asleep when I first tried, at 11 PM. Around 1 AM, I gave up, got up, had a big plate of pasta, a drink, and watched an episode of Monk on the couch. After that I crashed very nicely. Yay, carbohydrates!
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I know that New Year's Resolutions are supposed to be a one-year process or things that can be accomplished in one year, but some of mine seem to be more...ongoing. I've copied over all my resolutions from 2007 (2008, I didn't make resolutions. I had knee surgery coming up and didn't know what I'd be able to do--answer: not much.) and added some new ones for 2009. The ones that have a line through them have been achieved or rendered irrelevent. The ones in bold have been added. Oh, and there are also the "Ongoing Struggle" resolutions, things I've been pretty good about but still need to work on.

* Get at least halfway into the next novel. I say halfway, because I do not want to start writing another novel until I know which project I should go for. (Not halfway, but I know what I'm working on, novel-wise. The next goal has priority, though, and I'm slipping in some short story writing around the edges.)
* Edit and rewrite Vicesteed. Ongoing struggle. (I failed at this so badly, mostly because it took me forever to get started. But! I actually started the process.)
* Submit Vicesteed to A- and B-list agents.
* Get one short story written a month, even when I'm working on the next novel - Ongoing Struggle.
* Get the rejection/resubmission turnaround time down to one week. Ongoing Struggle.
* Expand into nonfiction articles.
* Write freewriting every day, come Hell or high water (It's become a part of my routine now. I don't need to keep it as a goal.)
* Write at least 100 words a day
* Always have one piece in line for critique at Critters
* Become a member of SFWA (OK, this kind of doesn't belong here, because it's not something I can control. But it's still a goal)
* get writing side of website set up

* Organize and file backlog of photography (This is a project for a rainy--er--month. Not a needed goal, though.)
* Continue with photography walks - Ongoing Struggle
* Obtain good scanner
* Research stock photography options
* Submit photographs for publication
* Create portfolio, plus prints large enough for display
* Set up photography business, now that I have an adequate camera. Research, website, practice photo shoots, goals, etc.

Martial Arts
* get black belt in Tae Soo Do (the whole knee injury thing really bollixed this up)
* begin doing grappling
* figure out scheduling for training at home
* train faithfully outside the dojang (I haz a schedule and a routine!)
* compete in a tournament

* work on socializing skills (I'm not sure what this even means, but I've done a ton of socializing-with-strangers this year, so I figure that counts.)
* see people more often outside of massive parties--dinner, movies, lunch, coffee, expeditions--stuff like that - Ongoing Struggle
* keep the house in a fit state for drop-in company (Yay, Flylady! Yay, Roomba!)
* Begin actual decoration of the house. Painting, hanging art, etc.
* Tend to chance and whimsy.
* Tend to my sanity
* finding a middle ground in my personality, and seeing if I can preserve it in the company of others
* Balancing my schedule (probably the biggest challenge I have for the next year)
* Learn to speak Spanish (learned it well enough for a trip, don't really have it still on my to-do list)
* Lose 25-30 lbs
* Get a different job.
* Commence reproduction sequence (but not until mid-July).

And this is now my browser home page.

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I have returned! To martial arts classes, that is. After being allowed back by my doctor, there was a vacation in Georgia and a really nasty cold that intervened, and I almost said, "Screw it, they're about to go on holiday break, I might as well wait to join up until after classes resume." I'm glad I didn't. For one, this allowed me to ease in a little more. For another, it means I'm not another one of those people returning to physical activity just because they made a New Years' resolution; they have a high percentage of attrition.

martial arts stuff )

weight-loss stuff )

state of the knee )
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  • 10:51 + The evil cold weather makes me okay with not having work today. Home = warm.
  • 11:07 Dear Mayo Clinic, Winter in Minnesota is not ideal for grilling. Adjust your recipes accordingly.
  • 14:55 Almost done ordering gifts. Thank goodness for
  • 18:08 Best Christmas story ever:
  • 18:10 Is ded of cute:
  • 19:50 DAMN IT. Took bus that used to connect to my 2nd bus, and now doesn't. No way to get to class on time, because I fucked up. Hate.
  • 23:03 And I console myself for missing martial arts class with a bottle of wine and a bag of Cheetos. Something not quite right there.
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