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We have returned safely home from our trip to Wisconsin for the funeral of Phil's grandmother, Romayne. There was (just our) family cabin time and snow and more travel and funeral and funeral ham with cheesy potatoes and then the kids besieging their teenaged cousins and (extended) family stories and drinking and family gossip and very poor sleep (because my three-year-old has been waking--and staying--up at 3 AM, and also that hideabed was awful) and the most country kitsch motel I've ever seen, let alone stayed at.

Today there was a lot of driving home. The kids had predictable we-hate-traveling meltdowns and less-predictable we-hate-chicken-nuggets meltdowns. We made it home, hitting the beginning of rush hour traffic. Then I found and cleaned up all six places the cats had puked and pooped around the house, changed the cat litter, and wrangled the kids through dinner and homework and baths and bed.

And nobody killed anybody.

And I am all disoriented due to travel and missing work/school days and daylight savings time starting, so I thought today was Wednesday and I was going to save this to post in Small Victories Wednesday. It is Tuesday. I am still very proud of this victory, though, so. Posted.
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The last two weeks have been kind of rough for me, because Phil hasn't been able to provide much parenting assistance. First he was gone on business for a week, and then he got a rather horrible case of The Sick that has pretty much knocked out his ability to contribute at home. Despite this, it's been an interesting couple of weeks with lots of new experiences.

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This is a catch-up entry. Theia (and Cassius) have kept me so busy that I haven't posted and recorded all the moments that a dutiful and loving parent is supposed to! ::ahem::

Well, in hindsight and with the doctor's note here, I can tell you that at 15 months, Theia was 33.31" tall and weighed 22 lbs. This put her at the 98.8th percentile for height, and the 32.96% for weight. That puts her in the 2.18th % for weight-for-length. I blame Phil for these genetics. I don't particularly want babies with supermodel height-weight ratios ... I wish they weighed more! At least she eats, unlike her brother. Her predicted height is 5'10". We shall see. It would be weird to be taller than my children!

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Kids who do martial arts really are disgustingly cute.

Not at all scary, however. I no longer believe that "I've been training since I was four, so I'm an ultimate bad-ass" line. Really? Up until about twelve, it's a waste of time except for self-esteem issues and wearing out some of their nervous energy.


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