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I am not a big fan of the heat, as the latest 85+ degree Minnesota "heat wave" shows. Tooo hot.

Cassius' 3-year doctor appointment was this week. He's exactly 1 meter tall and weighs just under 30 lbs. This puts him in the bottom 1% for BMI, which makes us very concerned parents. Not much we can do that we aren't already, though. It's just--I desperately want to fatten him up. The doc also recommended getting him assessed for verbal problems (enunciation, basically--his vocabulary is fine) and for pronation in his feet. No shots this year! Still waiting to hear back about test results. In general, however, it was a cranky-making doctor's visit.

Oh, and I got back the results from the parapertussis test: negative. So no, I no longer have an active infection, but I'm still coughing and dealing with symptoms, and I may continue to do so for another two months. Grr.

Here, have a random water droplet photo. Waterfowl feathers are neat.

I got to game again! It's been so long, I had to hunt around to find my dice. But I found them. Except for my D4s, which Phil had stolen. And I got to go out for a few hours and play a Deadlands one-shot. It was a lot of fun, although my character was a mad scientist with an impulse control problem that made it difficult for me not to "accidentally" kill all the other party members. Le sigh. And I had to leave a bit early, because I'd been there from 1:30 PM to 6:00 PM, and I really couldn't stay away from Theia any longer.

We got important house stuff worked on! My plan was to paint the back hallway, which is lead paint that has chipped slightly and is generally in need of remediation paint before I will feel comfortable with my kids walking on the stairs in that area again. I got as far as cleaning everything for the painting, and then while I was out at a movie with Electra, Phil taped up all the things that needed taping and got 3/4s of the first coat done. So awesome! He also said that painting there was basically hot-boxing yourself.I'm not allowed to do it, because I'm still breast-feeding and so what I get, the baby gets. Progress is great. Progress made by not-me while I was out seeing a movie? Even better!

Good read: The Girl With All the Gifts.
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I've been planning on branching into (paying) non-fiction lately. I thought movie reviews would be a decent place to start. So I start looking for movie review market listings, since I've recently seen a movie not yet in theaters. Much gnashing of my teeth later, I decide that maybe a better place to start would be to write a writing article about writing movie reviews.

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This is a great, cheap photography project that I just added to my someday-maybe list (GTD talk for cool but non-essential project):
Make an Inexpensive Light Tent
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BoingBoing is eating my brain, in the best way. I don't check it so often, because of the sheer amount of loading time (Yes, still on dial-up. No, not for long), but it's given me all kinds of ideas.

This pirate scarf might be worth learning to knit for.

DIY witch ingredient bottles are definitely on my "to do if I have time" list of decorations for Halloween. They look *awesome*. And easy. Two great things that don't go together as often as they should.

And if you've ever wondered what kind of painted art is my favorite, the answer is this kind. Which is why I have a new lj friend: [ profile] hifructose. Well, that style and the Old Dutch Masters.


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