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Happy things:
1. Because of Pride, the pastor read a 500-year-old prayer of blessing written by Menno Simons for the marginalized and the persecuted, and
2. For the first time ever, Cassius actually stayed in the nursery without either parent for a while and *didn't* have an atomic-level meltdown that led to the staff coming to bring us back. There was some fussing, but he was happily playing when we picked him up.

Tangentially, if I'm ever on a panel about religious schisms, I'll just introduce myself as "a member of a Protestant, Anabaptist, Mennonite, GLBTQ-affirming I know all about schism." I have no plans to be on such a panel, but.

(x-posted from Fb because it actually seemed to have a little substance)
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  • If I finish my work today (unlikely), I will make a snowman. And brownies.
  • Awesome vintage photos for those with a soft spot for polar bears:
  • Best headline of the day: "Hollywood counters reality with decade of escapism"
  • The Daily Show has a brilliant India segment today
  • Adopt a terrorist? Yes, as in "Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you."
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  • 23:15 Wondering what Bacon Salt (the kosher vegan bacon seasoning) did for April 1st?
  • 13:19 In church, mislabeled slide from the Crucifixion story: "Jesus accepts bribe for betraying Christ."
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  • 23:39 My parents, my Realtor, *and* my mayor were all on Facebook before me. Oy.
  • 23:54 Phil re "Descent": Best part about this is women not asking for directions. (It's a very good horror movie.)
  • 00:03 Arguing with Phil about whether "Girls' Nights Out" lead to going into caverns with monsters. Me: No!
  • 10:06 The knob broke off the wall clock at NgithOwl, and the computers weren't updated so they keep resetting to the old time.
  • 12:21 I am a noisy pear-eater, apparently. Made manager turn around to identify the noise. (It's a juicy pear.)
  • 14:06 Have come to realize the clock is hung so it's two degrees off-center. Subtle tortures.
  • 14:11 Roman Catholics ask faithful to give up internet for Lent (at least on Fridays).
  • 17:53 Phil has acquired for me a set of all 4 Tremors movies. Now that's love. ;)
  • 21:28 On 2nd thought, I don't think I've ever seen Tremors 2. This is all new to me. I mean, as new as a Tremors movie can be.
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  • 00:20 Now new monitor is working on desktop, and old monitor is working with laptop. Mysteriouser and mysteriouser.
  • 14:04 Pants ripped right below the seat. Fortunately, *after* church. Still went to Midtown Market for lunch/browsing. Fun morning!
  • 14:35 It's with great pleasure that I fill in '0' for hours worked this weekend.
  • 17:42 How long does it take for food poisoning symptoms to show up? Ate about five hours ago, stomach now uncomfortable.
  • 17:45 Updated Aswiebe's Market List:
  • 19:24 Feeling better, guess it was just an uncomfortable stomach, not food poisoning.
  • 22:53 My dad got laid off--his teaching contract wasn't renewed. They've applied to teach in India again.
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I have a relative who is in the habit of sending out fwd emails and chain letters that support his political views, which are, I should mention, a bit more right-wing than most of the rest of the family. I don't usually respond, because usually they don't pertain to my choices. But then he sent one out with a subject line of "Planned Parenthood: A $1 Billion Evil Empire."

I am the sort of person who has to stand up and speak out when she disagrees strongly with what another person is presenting as fact or as acceptable/unacceptable behavior. And yes, this has caused strife in some of my relationships (including with some of you!). But to say nothing, just to keep the waters smooth and my life easier, would be unforgivably weak.

This email exchange followed. I'm italicizing his emails.

Read more... )

Note: If the question comes up, you're welcome to link to this post and/or to quote from *my* responses. I didn't address the "notify the police" comment because I'm not current on all the issues and didn't want to open that can of worms. But I believe that most states that have a "notify for underage" rule require that the *parents* are the ones who are notified. That clearly wouldn't have helped.
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Love was what put it all back together. Her love, the love she had had for her mate and their family, the love she had had for her community, the love she had had for her faith and for the pilgrims it brought, who paid to help the community be strong, safe, and holy. Until it was all broken down into pieces. But her love was what pulled the pieces back together, beginning with the stained glass rose window, the largest window of the Holiest of Holies, into which only the priests dared go. With all the priests dead, everybody had wandered around in a daze. Until she saw the rose window shattered on the ground outside the studio. It had taken her only a few moments to realize that she could touch the holiest--

Inspiration: Er, today's Valentine's Day. So I thought "love!" But that didn't turn out too well.
Story Potential: Low. Ack, I want to spit after writing this tripe.
Notes: I have an excuse. I'm quite rusty--haven't written any of these at all since I went in for surgery. Did finish a story, though!

Edit: Oops, I meant to put this in [ profile] penthius!


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