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07/05/10, Monday, no work (4th of July observed!)
* Queried last 2 agents on my A-list for Vicesteed. Now I'm done with Vicesteed until I hear back from somebody, or at least for a couple of months--at which point it'll be time to query my next batch of preferred agents. Whew! Also, this feels so weird!
* Submitted "Demons of Disease" to Bizarro Magazine.
* Submitted "Gone Huntin'" to Flash Me Magazine.
* Submitted "Good Help Is Hard to Find" to Title Goes Here.
* Submitted "Look Back to Keep Her" to Flash Fiction Online.
* Submitted "Road of Dreams" to Neo-Opsis
* Read WritersMarket and Duotrope newsletters and updated market list from them.
* Nonstandard Structure:

Tried to see where I could send "Salvaging Scottwell" next--and blanched at the lack of options for an 11,000 word reprint. Yoiks. Well, I'll Escape Pod it even though it's longer than they usually take, but beyond that...hrm. It's a really good story (other people think so too!) but what to do with it? Small press publication as a novella? Is that too short? (Ideas, [ profile] mmeriam?)
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04/28/10, Wednesday
* Processed Flash Me's personal rejection of "Road of Dreams" with editorial feedback.
* Read WritersDigest, Critters, and WritersWeekly newsletters.

04/27/10, Tuesday
* Processed Lightspeed Magazine's form rejection of "Alien/Whore/Mother."
* Posted about "These Things Take Time" publication to penthius, updated profiles, website biblio, bio (and bio to point to biblio), twitter, linkedin.
* Processed Scheherazade's Facade "splendid story, but not quite" personal rejection of "Ekaterina and the Firebird."
* Processed "Triangulations: End of the Rainbow" personal rejection of "Periwinkle Eyes."
* Read Duotrope, 2 Writing-World, WritersDigest, FundsforWriters, 2 FFWSmallMarkets, and 2 WritersWeekly newsletters and updated market list from them.
* Making flawed characters appealing:

04/24/10, Saturday, surgery...recovery afterward.

04/22/10, Thursday
* Posted about "These Things Take Time" publication in LJ, fb.
* "These Things Take Time," where cloning meets marriage counseling. Free to read. Bottom of pg (Vol 2 Num 2):

04/20/10, Tuesday, spent large chunk of morning wrangling doctor stuff
* Finished making editing changes to Vicesteed ch. 29.
* Posted freewriting, writing log.
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Tuesday was spent getting non-writing things done.
* Wrote 2 1/2 pgs. longhand on Alien/Whore/Mother (took the bus instead of biking)

03/22/10, Monday, worked fill-in shift until 9PM
* Processed "Road of Dreams" receipt acknowledgment.
* Processed "These Things Take Time" contract, signed, and sent back.
* Posted freewriting,
* Processed Basement Stories' form letter rejection of "Demons of Disease."
* Processed "The Perfect Costume" receipt acknowledgment from Best New Vampire Tales.
* Typed up my notes from the MinnSpec meeting on copyright, and discovered I'd actually just written a how-to writing article. Huh. Guess I'll polish it up and try submitting it elsewhere before posting it on my blog.
* Worked a little on redmarking Vicesteed ch. 29
* Wrote 1/2 pg. longhand on Alien/Whore/Mother.
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* MinnSpec meeting about copyright.
* Processed TweettheMeat (twitfic) acceptance of "Gene therapy worked."
* Submitted "She loved her new husband's mansion" (twitfic) to TweettheMeat.
* Add the Podcastle/EscapePod/Pseudopod contests to Aswiebe's Market List.
* Submitted "Road of Dreams" to Flash Me Magazine.
* Submitted "Look Back to Keep Her" to Moonlight Tuber.
* Posted writing log, freewriting.
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03/17/10, day job project that I'm working on from home, plus training for the shift I'm covering Friday/Monday
* Posted about "They told the new base meteorologist" to Twitter and MinnSpec.

03/16/10, Tuesday, day job project that I'm working on from home
* Wrote 1 pg. on "Alien/Mother/Whore" while at dr's office, which is good, as I think I got past the snarled "insert this back there and insert this over here" bits. Now I can just write forward.
* Posted writing log.
* Processed Nossa Morte form rejection of "Road of Dreams."
* Processed Pedestal's "enjoyed it but no" rejection of "Look Back to Keep Her," FKA "Dining on a Dead Girl's Dime."
* Processed Writers of the Future's receipt acknowledgment of "The Unkindness of Ravens."
* Posted about "They told the new base meteorologist" publication to Fb, LJ, Buzz.
* Sent out and posted writing newsletter, updated in various places linking to it.
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01/24/2010, Sunday
* Read WritersWeekly, WritersDigest newsletters
* Using characters to cut word length in revision:
* An excellent revision checklist:
* How authors can be interviewed on radio:
* Posted writing log, freewriting, NanoWri
* Updated the relevant places for a new publication.
* Processed 3 crits for "The Old Woman By The Sea."
* Submitted "The Haunts of Hill Crossing" to Beneath Ceaseless Skies.
* Submitted "Road of Dreams" to Nossa Morte.
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12/05/2009 - Saturday, spent most of the day on day job stuff
* Top Ten Reasons Your Editor Doesn't Love What Your Critique Group Does:

12/03/2009 - Thursday, no day job
* NanoWriMo
* Posted writing log.
* Penthius freewriting about voodoo and slavery and--pirates. Am confused.
* Processed "A Phoenix By Any Other Name" acceptance by!
* Processed "These Things Take Time" form letter rejection by New Myths.
* Processed "Charity From a Thief" personal rejection (with specific editorial feedback!) from Beneath Ceaseless Skies. Will be making edits to use feedback before submitting story elsewhere.
* Processed "Road of Dreams" personal rejection from Screams and Dreams Anthology and editor's proposed non-paying acceptance from Liquid Imagination. (I'll try paying markets first, though I do like the way they mesh art and writing--it's always awesome to see what art people think goes with my stories.)
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11/01/2009 - Sunday
* Posted writing log.
* Penthius freewriting inspired by noodling about other story--naturally, not too great.
* Did monthly backups.
* Read Critters and Duotrope newsletters and updated market list from them.
* Submitted "Warmth in the Cold Time" to Pedestal.
* Submitted "Road of Dreams" to Screams and Dreams Anthology via Liquid Imagination.
* Processed v. speedy "enjoyed it but not making decision until December" "added to short stack" response from Liquid Imagination re Screams and Dreams Anthology.
* Submitted "These Things Take Time" to Alternative Coordinates. Realized it had already been rejected from there, freaked out, then decided to let it go. Too late to do anything but draw attention to it anyway. Submitted to "New Myths" as well, since both mags accept simultaneous submissions (something I've never done before).
* Submitted "The Miracle Material" to Apex.
* Built my notes file for the Nano WriMo project, "Walking Out of the Machine." (Thought about calling it "Girl in the Gears," which is a better title, but inaccurate.) Checked tweet tags, pulled out the character info from Vicesteed (for two of my favorite minor characters! Watts the hackney cab driver, and Mrs. Crinoline, the madam of The Juicy Plum) and the scene that I'm basing it on. Re-read "The Red Shoes." Pondered plot details and fairytale resonances. Wrote the first two sentences and tweeted them.
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05/12/2009 - Tuesday, full work, no downtime
* Updated Vicesteed character list with changed names after I had the same name for 2 different characters. Ah, the perils of glancing at one's bookshelf to name random characters.
* Updated market list from prev. notes.
* Processed Withersin's receipt acknowledgement for "Road of Dreams."
* Loaded Vicesteed ch. 28 up to Critters for critique. Finally. Gah, when will I learn to keep on top of getting things out, for critique or for consideration?

05/11/2009 - Monday, full work, not much downtime
* Posted writing log
* [ profile] penthius freewriting, "Heatscape."
* Finished editing changes to Vicesteed ch. 17!
* Started catch-up MinnSpec critique.

Deleted from Vicesteed ch. 17

Old chapter wordcount: 12,044
New chapter wordcount: 7,959
Vicesteed Draft 1 wordcount: 207,877
Vicesteed Draft 2 current wordcount: 171,640
Notes: This is still a rather long chapter. I did fix some notable "how shopping districts would work" stupidities, though.
Reason for deleting scene: This is a pretty decent interrogation scene--but it does nothing to move the plot forward. The things Mr. Johnson says and does are all covered elsewhere, and this isn't the first time we've seen Quincy do his thing so it isn't needed for character development.
Which deleted scene is it anyway?

"Now," he said, turning to Mr. Johnson, "you have one chance, and that only because of her kindness. I suggest that if you are still in business after I leave, you give her only the best clients, and you make damn sure that she gets a very generous fee."

Mr. Johnson drew his large handkerchief from his pocket and mopped his sweating face. He moved slowly, as if he was afraid that Quincy would interpret any movement as a threat.

"A-anything, sir," he said.
Read More )
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05/10/2009 - Sunday, no work
* Posted writing log.
* [ profile] penthius freewriting about marketing temporary death.
* Saved freewritings from this week to the master document. I used to save after every one, but of late, I've been doing these during downtime at work, so I need to save them en masse.
* Updated market list from Duotrope.
* Submitted "The Radiator Burped" to Strange, Weird, and Wonderful--I'm a little confused about their submission periods as they say they have a submission period that starts in July, but the note at the top says they're taking submissions for Fall and Winter issues (I'm aiming for Fall.). Confusion abounds, but I submitted anyway.
* Submitted "Charity From a Thief" to Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, a pretty badass new market.
* Worked on editing Vicesteed ch. 17.
* Submitted "Road of Dreams" to Withersin.
* Queried Escape Clause Anthology about the status of "The Haunts of Hill Crossing." I read that they were expecting to send out all responses by 04/10/2009, but I haven't heard anything yet.
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04/30/2009 - full work, but there were a couple of beautiful hours of downtime.
* Posted writing log.
* [ profile] penthius freewriting about this:
* Updated market list from my Gmail to-do labels.
* Updated submission order for "Charity From a Thief," "The Radiator Burped," "Road of Dreams," "A Phoenix By Any Other Name," and "The Miracle Material" and picked where they're going to next--not necessarily the market that pays the most, but the new market that pays well and is what I think is a really good fit. Given the choice between an older magazine and a newer one, I sub to the newer one on the theory that their slush pile is smaller.
* Processed Dead Bait Anthology's very nice form letter rejection of "Miracle Material." Le sigh.
* Read Critters newsletter and various mid-week ad mailings from my writing newsletter people.
* Submitted "The Miracle Material" to Shock Totem after much wailing and gnashing of teeth over OpenOffice's difficulties with, it seems, the very notion of the .RTF format. (More on that later--the quick answer is "AbiWord.")

What on earth did writers with day jobs do before there were decent-sized thumb drives?
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03/22/2009 - Sunday, no work
* Submitted "Good Help Is Hard To Find" to Shroud Magazine.
* Did critique for Critters.
* Read WritersDigest, Critters, WritingWeekly, Duotrope, FundsforWriters, FFWSmallMarkets newsletters.
* Processed receipt acknowledgment for "Good Help Is Hard To Find."
* Created submission order for "Road of Dreams" and then got very frustrated by OpenOffice's crashiness. Not a problem on my laptop--just the ancient desktop. I hope once I get all XP updates installed it'll help. Fingers crossed.

03/21/2009 - Saturday, no work but a full day of girly stuff.
No writing work done.

03/20/2009 - Friday, full+ work
No writing work done.

03/19/2009 - Thursday, no work, but Dr's apt.
* Posted writing log.
* [ profile] penthius freewriting about pirate-ninja reality TV.


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