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Apr. 29th, 2018 04:28 pm
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Delightful, sweet, horrifying, and filled with excellent advice for relationships and families: Toni Curtis' "Upon Your Marriage to a Redcap" at Iridium Magazine.

Story: "Upon Your Marriage to a Redcap" by Toni Curtis.
Genre: Contemporary fantasy.
Published: April 2018, Iridium Magazine
Length: Quite short short story.
How I found it: While checking to see if my story was up yet (it was not).
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This is a lovely meditation on the lengths love will go to. It does not end where you expect, or where you fear. - The Devil in Gaylord's Creek by Sarah Monette
This one's just plain fun, an enjoyable twist on the Buffy/"black leather-clad urban fantasy demon-slayer chick" template.
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Got a notice that an anthology that I'd submitted to is folding. Very sad, especially since I think it was a really good fit for an oddball short story that I've had trouble getting in anywhere else.

That on top of a notice that another place that had *accepted* one of my stories is having to do a re-launch--and no further communication after that--makes Abra go something, something.

Not quite crazy, but definitely cranky.

Ah, well, them's the breaks of being a writer. I s'pose.
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Well, I believe I've identified the next writing skill that I need to master: writing to a wordcount. I seem to go either really long (>7,000 words) or really short (<1000 words). I didn't do so badly with this short story. I need to cut about two hundred words to get it under 5,000, which will be my editing goal. That said, I'm pretty happy with this little thing, my first new project since I finished Vicesteed. It's called "A Haunted Kiss," and it's based off of this freewriting exercise at [ profile] penthius.

Here's a quickie excerpt:
They hadn't screamed after that, when the other dead kids showed up. They usually didn't stay long: Rupert with his purple face, Emily with the bruises all up and down her body where it showed through holes in her nightgown, and Richard with the bite marks deep in the arms. Sometimes the ghosts appeared other places, too. Mrs. Spencer, who died in bed, wandered the aisles of the supermarket in her nightgown. A crying baby ghost sat in the swing at the playground. There was even a ghost cat who sharpened her phantom claws against the big maple tree outside the library.

In other news, no critiques from Critters of "Warmth in the Cold Time" yet. *gnashing of teeth*


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