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The last couple of weeks have been very busy with All The Things, especially last week. In my writing log, I wrote down the following:

Recorded "Breath Stirs In the Husk" for Pseudopod
Recorded “Drowning in Sky” for PodCastle
Did audio editing on PodCastle and Pseudopod readings and sent them off
Writer’s networking tea at Patisserie 46
MinnSpec writers group in Uptown
Updated market spreadsheet, wrote newsletter, and mailed it off
Researched self-pub cover art necessities
Wrote cover art contract
Met with cover artist
Processed “Diplomatic Relations” acceptance
Processed “Charity From a Thief” rejection
Processed writing expenses

In addition to this, we !!finally!! took care of the second mortgage balloon payment, a financial burden that has been becoming increasingly worrisome over the course of the last six months as we went back and forth with our mortgage banker about how we could refinance it. The short answer is that we couldn't, but he was too inexperienced to know that and too incompetent to find that out in a reasonable time-frame or even to return our phone calls EVER. Of course, back when we bought our house, we were assured that we could simply extend the term of our second mortgage without any problems. Now, that program has long since been discontinued. He eventually offered us a personal loan, but that has terms similar to a credit card, so, um, no. Instead we took out a loan against Phil's 401K. Not ideal, but at least we're paying the interest to ourselves. It also means that our 2nd mortgage will be paid off in 5 years instead of 10+ . . . because our monthly payment is going to be a couple of hundred dollars higher. Ouch. But still. Done! One thing to cross off the Worry List.

Speaking of the Worry List, Phil finally put lead encapsulation paint on the back staircase, which is a huge relief to me. Whew. Still not done fixing all the less-urgent lead stuff, but we're getting there.

So, lots of stress (and stress relief) this week, and lots of me trying to scrape out time to get things done. Not helping is that Theia has been waking up lots in the night again. Maybe teething? She's also been batting at her ears when she's sleepy, which makes me worry about ear infections, but Phil thinks it's because sometimes there's referred pain from teething. Basically, we don't know. It is worrisome. Also does not help with the exhaustion and having lots of stuff to get done.

Now that the mortgage's handled, our next big family project is figuring out preschool. Minneapolis folks, does anyone have recommendations or dis-recommendations for preschools in the Uptown/Downtown/S. Mpls area? We're hardly going to buy a second car just to ferry the small one to preschool, so it needs to be busable for us.

Sigh. Here's a picture of a water lily, for serenity.


P.S. Oh, and I bollixed up my left knee badly enough that it's been hurting constantly for the last few days. I'll try taking it easy for a week and see if it gets better on its own. If it's still this bad in two weeks, a doctor visit is probably in order, and who knows what else. I do not need this.
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Um--things happened this week? I'm pretty sure? I'm still heavily lagged from the two family reunions + Phil being gone for a week. And heavily stressed from mortgage problems, general financial problems, and not having a place to work on writing while we transition my study into Theia's bedroom.

Yes, I said general financial problems. We did the math on our budget, and it went directions that budget math isn't supposed to. Not a lot we can do about it, either. As a starting point, though, I am now only allowed to purchase one ebook a month. ::sadface::

The kids got their recommended number of weekly outings! Wednesday at the Midtown Global Market for the Roe Family Singers, Friday at the Minneapolis Library Downtown for storytime and baby playtime, and Sunday for church and nursery Sunday School (Cassius has been asking to go to church again, since we hadn't been since Theia's dedication).

I got to go back to the doctor, since I'm still coughing up phlegm a month after we were treated for parapertussis. The doc says I seem to be in general good lung health and that it can take as long as ten weeks before the coughing stops, even if the infection was already wiped out by antibiotics. To be sure, she took a swab to culture to make sure that yes, this is actually just a lingering symptom, but the cause has been cured. During my doctor's appointment, I noticed that the swabs expired a couple of weeks earlier, so I had to come back a day later once they re-ordered. Harrumph. No fun having a long wire stuck up your nose, by the way. Not recommended!

Let's see, in other entertainment news--finally saw Guardians of the Galaxy, with my friend E. She already saw the movie before she suddenly lost all hearing in one ear, perhaps permanently, so this was by way of a test run to see if she could still enjoy such things. All went swimmingly, huzzah! It was a lot of fun.

As far as my reading goes, I appear to have stumbled on a motherlode of alternate-interpretations-of-angels-and/or-vampires stories. Some were good, some were awful. I am currently enjoying the first book of a new series that I'm reading (recommended for me because I really liked Written in Red, and really, the voice is so close that I'm about to go find out if this is a pseudonym situation). It's great, for what it is! Except for that huge fatal flaw where the first chapter establishes the main character's personality by having a graphic, brutal rape scene. You know, like you do when you have a female main character. Ugh. Just ugh. Why is this such a Thing in paranormal romance / urban fantasy?
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Really, the post subject line says it all.

I have a month and a week to go until the baby's due date. For statistical accuracy, that's +/- 3 weeks. This is the time when most women just want to be done, because everything becomes awkward, exhausting, difficult, and/or painful. I spend a lot more time than usual in sleeping, eating (6 meals a day takes time!), and feet-up breaks to prevent excess swelling. The rest of the time, I move in slow motion.

No, really! I have two ways of walking--the duck waddle, and the articulated Terminator-in-slow-motion. The Terminator is more comfortable and arguably faster, but requires concentration. Anyway. (Did I mention I'm also more distractable?)

In a day, I seem to be able to put in about 6 hours either doing day job work, writing, or preparing for baby and keep our household from devolving into the chaos that eats all things. Used to be, I'd put in a full day on either day job work or writing, and then spend some time bringing order out of chaos.

I think if I try scaling everything down to part-time, expecting about half as much per day, I may be able to keep up. And scaling back day job hours will allow writing again! And paying bills! And working on that really really long list of to-dos! (My to-do list? Has the following categories: Urgentest To-Do, Urgent Urgent Urgent To-Do, Urgent Urgent To-Do, Urgent To-Do, and Action Needed. It used to just have Urgent To-Do and Action Needed. Oy.)

Practically, what does this mean?

* I'm going to try to cut back on day job hours/day--which is probably doable right up until I get projects with solid deadlines.

* I'm going to be stressed about not having baby stuff and chaos under control. Just don't expect me to be coherent about anything. Stress + baby hormones = unpredictable reactions.

* I may not be socializing much, and if I do, I'll almost certainly punk out early.

* Writing and writing-related things are going to be getting done more slowly (although faster than they have been for the last month, when I tried working full-time hours and then found writing impossible!). I'm still hoping to get Circus of Brass and Bone out about once a month, but specific dates are mirages. For example, this month's episode? Probably going to take another week or so.

So why make a big huge post out of this? Well, this way I might have a chance of remembering....
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Things that are good:

1. The towering silver maple tree in our backyard appears to have attracted another pair of squirrels, for a grand total of four highly entertaining creatures that I can watch frolicking in the yard. I haven't seen the albino squirrel again, but I live in hope.

2. Flowers are blooming all over the place. It's an advantage to having bought a house owned by a crazy gardener--there are flowers even though I can't do any gardening until I have the sprogling. I just need to remember to cut some so we have flowers indoors too.

3. The weather is back to normal, Minnesotan-tolerable highs of around 75 degrees. Perfect.

4. I love the system, I really do. I go online to put books on hold and they show up at my local library branch. I download audiobooks. I download ebooks. It's all fantastic.

5. I've been getting a number of work-from-home projects, which is really nice for this gestational stage. Means I get enough sleep, take breaks when I need them, always have enough food, and am generally be more comfortable. And it reassures Phil that even after I have the baby and switch to only working from home, I will still be bringing in some income, if not as much.

6. So far, I have been lucky enough to not be afflicted with the worst "normal" pregnancy symptoms: sciatic nerve pain, incontinence, etc. Puts excessive tiredness, forgetfulness, and difficulty walking into perspective.

7. I remembered that when I'm stressed, an important part of the sanity-maintenance is just remembering and noting the good things!
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It's been about a month since I made a "real" post. More on the reasons for that later.

But first--how am I doing? I get that question a lot these days, and it's mostly because of how my belly is grooowing.


I am within the parameters for a "doing well, given the extreme range of symptoms that encompass 'well' at this particular gestational state" response, but that's generally too complex of an answer. Instead, I usually say, "Waddling along!" I have roughly 2 more months of baby-baking to go, with a standard error of +/- 1 month.

The baby's doing well. He's almost as tall as he's going to get; the next two months are bulking-up time. I'm supposed to do kick counts to make sure he's all healthy and stuff, but practically, I don't usually need to. He moves around a lot. He may be, as the polite phrase goes, a "busy child." Like Phil was. This is code for, "Brace yourself, and hope everybody survives the whirlwind."

I am as big as the metaphorical house--I have outgrown many of my maternity clothes and am now using a sundress-only wardrobe. Three cheers for the maxi dress fad! I require 10+ hours of sleep a night, ideally plus a 1+ hr nap in the afternoon. I eat 6-7 times a day. I am even more body-linked than usual, which means I'm inclined to turn irrational/raving-bitch-from-hell when these conditions aren't met. I pumpkin at about 9 PM. Any amount of walking hurts. Walking across a room hurts. I am getting a maternity support belt that may help with that. On the other hand, I feel perfectly normal when I'm biking, and my balance is still great, so I'm enjoying that.

My energy runs out really fast. It's The Spoon Theory, except I don't really know how many spoons I have to start with, and sometimes I can get extra spoons by doing things like taking a nap or putting my feet up for a while. If I've been working a full day, I am usually out of spoons by cooking-dinner time. My stress-response (avoidance) doesn't help, nor does the situational depression that sometimes arises from other factors.

NgithOwl has been wanting me to work a full day in the main office for the last however-long. In addition, I still have my 10-hrs-a-week job senior sitting.

That leaves a lot of things that should be getting done, but aren't:
* cleaning
* cooking
* exercise
* writing (for a project with deadlines, no less!) and all the writingy things that go with it
* baby preparation
* photography stuff
* a 25-item long urgent to-do list, with things like "pay medical bills" and "plant herbs before they die" on it

I am pretty resigned to things just not getting done. My "give a fuck" quotient is amazingly low.

In about a month, I plan to stop working from the main office at NgithOwl and switch to work-from-home projects only. That would help. This may be complicated by an off-site project that is still in negotiations that would want me for a full month. The time on that--doesn't add up. We'll see what the end decision is. I think there is some lack of understanding of exactly how pregnant I am and what that means.

I do not mean this to be depressing! Consider the summation of this post to be, I'm doing good. I'm reallyreally busy/tired, but this is an exciting time.
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State of the Abra Incubator
The sprogling and I are doing well. I think he's going through a growth spurt right now--my belly certainly is! At this point, I'm a bit worried I may outgrow some of my maternity shirts. Medically, everything's going along fine--as of the last checkup, baby's a little ahead of the growth curve, and I'm a little ahead of my target weight gain, but these things go in spurts and I'm not surprised by it. Also, you can see my belly move when he kicks. It's a little alienish, but feeling it is reassuring, not weird/creepy.

Pregnancy's treating me pretty well. At this point, I have no nausea and very little discomfort. When I walk, it's somewhat uncomfortable, and I was getting round ligament pain if I walked more than a block. This feels like somebody is stabbing a knife into my crotch. So I've avoided walking and haven't had that problem--but now I'm beginning to think I need to test it again to see if it's gone away (as many pregnancy symptoms do). I'm still pretty active anyway, with biking and "maternity" exercise vids. Hrm. The big things are that I need a couple more hours of sleep a day, so I get irrationally tired around 9 pm unless I've gotten a nap that day, and I need to eat something every two hours to keep my blood sugar from plummeting and leaving me all shaky (pre-pregnancy, this used to be a 4- to 5-hour thing). I do have pregnancy brain/forgetting things issues. Not things I try to remember, but things I usually don't have to try and remember. And I have to do this weird frog-squat thing to pick things up off the floor without getting dizzy. I think that's about it. Pregnancy is one of those "anything can be a symptom, the weirdest things are normal for somebody, and nothing's entirely predictable" things.

Read more--Phil, cancer, work, socializing, getting stuff done )
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You know I’ve been way too busy when I’ve been busy with writing stuff but haven’t taken the time to record it! In addition to the three separate work project things, I also had a whooole bunch of writing stuff to do.

* Did the Aswiebe's Market list update.
* Edited, recorded, and uploaded the new Circus of Brass and Bone episode.
* Did critiques and writing exercise for MinnSpec writing group.

And when I'm stressed? My brain tries to trick me into procrastinating.

How a writing project gets derailed

Goal: do a writing exercise for the creating a character workshop--give a character the Myers-Briggs test.

Hmm, I'm not really creating a character in my existing works right now, but I do need to start a new side project story.

First I'd better figure out the side project story plot.

So I should read anthology listings to decide what story to write.

Which means I should update the market list to make sure I don't miss anything.

(Fortunately, I managed to pull myself out of this tailspin and do the exercise for an existing character...the morning of the writing workshop. Learned good stuff, too--more about which anon.)

Some actual writing of Circus of Brass and Bone happened in there somewhere, too.

Circus of Brass and Bone Writing Log


Episode 12

Oh, and a couple of writing links:
* A compilation of how-to publicity links:
* The Nitty-Gritty of Copyright (written by me--scroll down to the feature article in this newsletter):
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Where have I been? Um, I've been insanely busy for the last week. I've been working full hours at NgithOwl, plus the senior center job, plus more weekend hours from a work-from-home project. I also had a bunch of writing due-dates fall into the same zone: my market list was due, I had assignments to do for my writing group on Sunday, and then I had to get Circus of Brass and Bone edited, online, recorded, and out (this takes more time than you might think).

Everything else has been shoved out of the way. I have lots of baby shower stuff to do, various other writing projects, emergency maternity shirt mending, basic household chores, plant planting, ebay stuff, social obligations, etc. Things should be better now that I'm past the writing deadlines and the work-from-home deadlines (though I'm told there will be more of that on the way). Now I only have the 50-hour workweek and all my regular obligations....

But if I didn't respond to your whatever in a timely fashion? That is why. I had to sleep instead.


Apr. 17th, 2011 04:26 pm
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My breasts have expanded past the point that Victoria's Secret stocks in-store. Just sayin'.

Or stocks at all for some of my preferred styles. Quite annoying.

Today I slept in until a reasonable time, then woke up, measured my bra size (planning to take care of a little shopping while in Uptown), wrote up the writing exercise for my writer's workshop, ate (twice), and was out the door to my writing workshop.

There was listening to presentation, in which creating characters was discussed and I discovered I'm really amazingly terrible at identifying what personality type someone else's character is from what they do (about as badly as I do with individuals in person). Didn't actually need to have done the writing exercise homework, which I would have found annoying if I hadn't actually learned from it. Then there was the workshoping portion, which was far smaller than usual. Finished that, left and did a little shopping in Uptown: discovered Vicky's shortcomings, and bought spices from Penzey's (yay free jar of spices coupon!). Caught bus home.

Soon, I will need to put in hours on the work project that needs to get finished ASAP, on dinner and other chores, on preparing clothing for ebay tomorrow, and on recording a podcast.

But first, it is time for me to lean back in the recliner and enjoy a donut, a mug of tea, and nethack. Tomorrow is a blood glucose test, and so today there shall be donuts.

Now it i

Reboot Time

Dec. 5th, 2010 12:09 pm
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It's been a rough week or so, thanks to Thanksgiving travel and in-laws and fighting off a bug and no-work-hours stress and the associated other stresses. And unfortunately, when I don't have the oomph to boss myself into productivity, avoidance is my number-one stress response! So I've been extremely unproductive, too.

The next episode of The Circus of Brass and Bone will be postponed a week, due to Thanksgiving/illness.

And today? Today will be Reboot Day. I'll make a long list of all the crap I've fallen behind on (pretty much everything), roll the dice, and catch up on at least some of it. That's what Sundays are supposed to be for anyways, right?
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Here's how the planning for unpredictable days goes.

Writing Quota
No day job work: 2,000 words
Half day job work: 1,000 words
Full day job work: 500 words*

* Writing in snippets after work used to fail miserably for me. It may not anymore? Maybe I leveled up when I wasn't looking? Less floundering? I dunno.

The Plan

After the day job, after the writing, after the basic household chores I do every day (laundry, dinner, dishes, roomba), roll the dice to see what I should do for the next 1/2 hour. The list varies depending on my to-do list, but usually includes cleaning, email, misc action needed items, non-writing writing-related stuff, and a break. The break is important.

The Spirit

Bike rides, exercise, day trips to (free) city things, following the manual, photo safaris. I have 2,000 words to write. That's a lot. Better get cracking! And later there will be a bike ride to a coffee shop (that will also fix my bike, so there ya go).


Jul. 20th, 2010 10:26 am
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I do not like waiting-to-find-out. It may be one of my least favorite things ever.

I have a lot of waiting-to-find-out these days. Personal health stuff, family health stuff, major writing project stuff, minor writing project stuff....

I hates it, Precioussss!
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I am not being a good patient writermonkey. I am antsy. Soon, soon Writers of the Future will announce the results for the 2nd Quarter, the one I sent a story that's reallygood to (No, it is--I promise!).

::drums fingers::

And that end-of-the-world anthology that I did get accepted into, which has had pub. deadlines pushed around--last I heard we were supposed to approve and finish edits by the end of June. Which is coming up pretty fast now.

::drums fingers some more::

And the other anthology that I just found I out I made the first cut for, which, er, might make me a leetle more Christmas-morning-impatient than usual.

::drums fingers even more::

There's the publication (coughGUDcough) that promised a sub response by April 14th, but which is flooded (because yes, they are that awesome) and now has an undetermined response time.

And the anthology that said it would send responses sometime after the reading period ended (April 30th), but which has posted no status updates since.

::drums fingers so hard it sounds like the Horsemen of the Apocalypse::

Sigh.... Settling down. It's not like I don't have other things to worry about, and all of these should wait at least another month before I status query.

In fact, I have lots of other writingy things to worry about.

What am I wasting my time with this for? It's out of my hands at the moment, and that's kind of okay. I don't need anything else to juggle right now.
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I am a big bouncing stress ball lately. I have writing deadlines on top of writing deadlines, one of which used to be self-imposed but just became outside-forces-imposed. All of these things need to get done in times ranging from "tomorrow" to "end of June." I look forward to being past these deadlines. Sure, I did one of them to myself when I planned to write what is now being called, "Remediation Village (Probationary), Inner Mongolia" but one is finishing massive edits on "Alien/Whore/Mother" by tomorrow, and one is sending out agent queries which just got a lot more urgent, and I have a presentation to give on social media (thankfully, with others, and we're going with a pretty relaxed format) this weekend for my writing group, and crits done to get an MPC to get RV critted before the sub deadline. There is money stress, because of an not-yet-sorted-out but probably in the $1000s medical bills on top of old (smaller) debt. I wince away from money stress. There is personal-life stress, although at least I finally know where I'm at with that. There is upcoming family reunion, which is also stress over money and other things.
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I dreamed I was in an old Victorian mansion, a huge thing, that we were trying to live in, but it kept falling apart. The ceilings/floors just collapsed. A giant apple tree was in the backyard, and the ground was covered with branches and fallen fruit that I had to try and save before it went rotten.

My dream symbolism, it finds subtlety unnecessary.
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Things to remember, things to do, things to maintain, things to help.

Essential checklist:
1. Have I gotten enough sleep? Should I be sleeping now?
2. Have I eaten appropriately, with enough fruits and veggies? Did I take my vitamins? Are you drinking enough water?
3. Have I showered today? Is my hair clean, combed, and out of the way? Do I need to wash my face again? Are contacts and earrings in?
4. Maintain awareness of what else is going on. Check calendar reminders morning and evening. Check email and phone messages.
5. Handle the non-postponable--bills, library book returns, etc. Keep an eye on work schedule, writing deadlines, to make sure nothing slips.

Beyond the basics, as physically capable:
1. Writing--freewriting warmup, some form of actual writing, and editing projects etc.
2. Cleaning--dishes, laundry, Flylady 15-minute mission, Roomba, and bathroom quick-clean.
3. Exercise--a walk or bike outside, knee physical therapy exercises.

Mood helpers:
1. Keep music playing or a TV show on.
2. Open windows or walk around the block (if physically capable)
3. A mug of tea.
4. Clean washed face.
5. Nail polish.
6. Fresh fruit.
7. Flowers/plants.
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The last few weeks have been full of not-writing. Between filling in at an on-site and doing database projects, I've been working full-time+ except for our road trip to Wisconsin to visit Phil's family at Christmas. And then there were so many family events that I wasn't able to work on writing stuff--although I did manage to finish my Christmas cards! It was very, very nice to have this past weekend off. This week I'm working on-site at a law firm where we manage all the office services, filling in since one person got fired and one person's out sick. Working 9:30 to 6:00, which means I have a little time in the morning, but not much, and I don't get home until 7ish. That doesn't leave much time for anything but eating, quickly checking the "important" parts of the internets (where I can lose hours), and the most perfunctory of housework, even if I skimp on my physical therapy exercises.

I've managed to get a little Vicesteed editing around the edges, but only a very little.

As far as housekeeping--barely the bare necessities: I ran the Roomba for the first time in 2 weeks this morning, Mt. Laundry takes up an entire couch, the bathroom desperately needs a cleaning, and the cobwebs are so aggressively expanding their territory that I'm a little worried the cats will get stuck in them. Used to be, working a full day meant getting home around 5, dinner on the table at 6, or 7 at the latest. Now, I'm not even getting home until 7, sometimes later. Phil would starve if he waited for me to cook. He's been doing the cooking, but he's pretty much ran through his repertoire: BLTs, soup and cheese sandwiches, spaghetti, and tacos (mmm, tacos).

On the other hand, we're all still getting fed, the dishes are washed, and the laundry is clean, if prone to landslides.

Next week should be better, as I told them other things were building up (they are!) and I needed to switch back to part-time. Of course, that part-time is 1PM - 6:00PM, so dinner planning will still be--interesting.

As you may have guessed by now, today is a quiet day in the office, and I'm able to play on the internets (albeit I might get frowned at).

Soon I'll be writing/researching on my short-story-in-progress, "Ekaterina and the Firebird."
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As part of my quest to make my life not seem like a never-ending drudge through work and projects that will never truly be finished (that's the problem with being writer, photographer, and primary-house-caretaker--none of those come up with their own achievable "finished" markers), I've started picking a set of (achievable!) goals at the end of which I'll be realio trulio done for the day. After that I can do anything I like, including just reading pulpy sci-fi novels or baking brownies or making that lightbox or, hell, doing my filing. This isn't a to-do list, it's a to-be-done-after list. The difference is crucial. The goal is to accurately estimate how much I can realistically get done in a day and still have free time left over. Because the free time is the real goal: it's the recharge time, the reward, the reason to really dig into the to-be-done-after list. When faced with an endless task, it's easy to become unmotivated and to grind very, very slowly, with lots of procrastination.

I've been trying this on and off for the last couple of weeks. So far, I can tell the motivation part is working. I've got lots more done that I was before, and I feel less depressed and bogged down in, well, life.

This, despite my not yet having actually finished everything on the list. I haven't yet experienced this motivating free time. So yesterday I decided to approach this all scientific-like and write down my done-for-the-day goals (which I had been doing), how much time I thought they'd take, and then my actual day schedule and the time they really took.

Let's just say I'm not good at estimating how much I can get done.

Today's numbers. Probably boring for anybody not me. )
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  • Quick--what happy songs can you think of? Real mood-lifters.

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Having dealt with house problems and contractors all afternoon, I'm now looking forward to painful physical therapy exercises this evening. At least then I can just watch TV and not think.


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