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#MyWritingProcess Blog Hop

Thanks to Todd Wardrope ( for including me in this tour. As T.A. Wardrope, he writes horror and dark fantasy, occasionally drifting into science-fiction of the Philip K Dick or J.G. Ballard variety. He lives in Minneapolis, MN and works as a video producer. He is also an independent filmmaker in his spare time.

0) Who am I?
For people just reading this for the first time, I'm Abra Staffin-Wiebe. I grew up in Africa, India...and Kansas. Then I married a mad scientist and moved to Minneapolis, where I fold time and space to be a full-time fiction writer, part-time freelance photographer, part-time work-from-home employee, and full-time mother. My next project is learning to fold time and space to make this all physically possible! I've had short stories accepted by publications including Jim Baen's Universe and I specialize in dark science fiction, cheerful horror, and modern fairy tales.

1) What am I working on?

I just finished "You May Also Like Gas Masks," an unusually long short story about Big Brother and the search for love. So I'm taking a couple of days off to let my creative well recharge a bit, and then I've got to get to work on the final act of Circus of Brass and Bone, my post-apocalyptic steampunk serial about a circus traveling through the collapse of civilization (here:

Circus of Brass and Bone is a project that I've been fretting over resuming for a while. I had to take an unplanned long hiatus from writing it, because of health and family troubles. When I went back to writing, I thought I'd finish it before I resumed posting episodes . . . and I promptly proceeded to write and write and write until I realized that I was actually well into book 2, and that I should have written the ending of the serial about 50,000 words ago. Except I hadn't written it as a proper ending, so I've rather been wrestling with how to go back and fix that, in a way that will be a good resolution to the serial, without messing up any of what I wrote later. My goal is to wrap this up by the end of July so that I can post the last episodes and get a limited print/ebook edition out.

Oh, and my "notebook story" right now is a science fiction murder mystery. I always keep a short story going in my notebook, writing longhand. Usually, I write a sentence or two on it a day. It's also my waiting-in-line, riding-the-bus, sitting-in-a-lecture story.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I wish I could answer this better, but I feel like the answer is always changing. The way I look at the world is usually a little bit askew from how other people see it, which helps. I have a dry, wry sense of humor that sometimes sneaks into my writing when it's least expected. And my writing often has a gruesome edge that seems to come naturally for me.

3) Why do I write what I do?

Why do I write? Because I'm good at it and it's very satisfying to create something. Also, otherwise my brain uses those creativity cycles to fuel paranoia and spin random, non-useful imaginary conversations. Writing is a safety valve that bleeds off the pressure.
Why my particular blend of SF/F, horror, and mystery? It's what I like to read. New worlds and strange technologies really appeal to me. I love it when I read about some new scientific discovery or technology or piece of history that makes me think, "If that exists, and this happens, then it might lead to this other thing, which would be really awesome. Or terrible. What happens if I put interesting people in that scenario?"

4) How does your writing process work?

I do two minutes of freewriting every day, and that's where most of my story seeds come from. Sometimes I use an interesting photo from Flickr, a random word, or a buried Google result as the start for my freewriting. I tag these ideas in various ways, including by what I think their potential is.
When I'm ready for my next writing project, I look at pro-paying anthologies and then at similarly tagged story ideas to see if anything grabs me. If not, I look at my highest rated story ideas and go for what starts unrolling in my head as I read it--or, if nothing clicks like that, what seems most unique.
I do a spiderweb plot brainstorm in my writing notebook and then write out a one-page plot outline while I still remember what all the arrows and words mean. For short stories, I expand this into a rough scene outline.
Then I write! I write mostly in the afternoons during my kids' naptime, with a little squeezed in sometimes first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Sometimes I'll go to a coffee shop on the weekend. If I'm home, I type on my desktop computer or my laptop. If I'm away, I'm on my laptop. I stop and do a more detailed scene outline before I start each scene. Occasionally, I'll write a piece out of order if that's what my brain starts whispering to me about, but usually it's in order and outlined. And of course, I have my notebook story, which is a whole 'nother thing.
First I read the finished story quickly and cut out obvious bad spots. Then I send my story out for critiques and get as many as I can. I print the story out, clip it to my clipboard, and edit by hand with a red pen (or purple, or green, etc.). Editing is tricky. I have trouble justifying making time to edit and polish my stories when clearly, I should be spending that time *actually writing*! Once I've finished making the edits, I read it out loud to smooth out any rough bumps or accidentally introduced errors. I add the story to my spreadsheets, figure out what I want to grade it as, and start on a list of places to submit it to. Then I send it out and try to forget about it until it collects so many rejections that I have to take another look at it and see if it's fixable. Usually, somebody buys it before then!

Up Next: Gaea Dill-D'Ascoli

Gaea's Bio:
Gaea writes fiction, makes puppets, takes pictures, and stilts. After graduating with a degree in linguistics and creative writing, Gaea worked with Habitat for Humanity first building houses and then spent some time in the office (she enjoyed the former much more than the latter). After her time there, she worked on an ambulance doing medical transport. Most recently, she worked in the Peace Corps as a Community Health volunteer in the village of Vansemakul, Central Pentecost.
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Sundays are "usually"* the day that I spend catching up on submissions, but I am overdue for starting to write on Tree of Life/Heretic's Hope. I have no momentum. So--today, a minimum of 500 words (which is hardly anything, for a day writing) on it, and then I am allowed** to switch over to submissions.

* When I'm working on a writing project during my day-to-day writing time.
** Inspiration trumps all. If I feel in the flow, I'll just keep writing until I no longer feel that way--as long as it's more than 500 words.
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I've been working on a day job project for full-time+ for the last week (no weekend for me, alas), so I haven't gotten much writing stuff done. Except no work today. Blissful productive freedom! Scary beginning projects! Lots of writing stuff (hopefully--except I already spent the morning paying bills).

07/12/10, Monday
* Assembled ("wrote" doesn't feel like the right verb) "Magic Blue Pill For Cure Cancer." Yes, it's the spam headlines story. Thanks to everybody who shared their spam!
* Writing and a Faith Perspective:

07/11/10, Sunday
* Attended MinnSpec writing workshops.

07/08/10, Thursday
* Posted writing log, freewriting.
* Re-read Tree of Life in preparation for writing on it again. Ulp.
* What 81% of Agents Expect on the First Page (funny):
* Why Smart Characters Make Dumb Mistakes:
* Writing Realistic Injuries:
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It's harder than you might think to find out what games people gamble on in India and China. Dratted illegality!

"cards" "dice" - those are too vague! Mah-jong is useful.

For India? I've seen people throwing dice and holding cards in the street, but so far as the internet is concerned--nope.
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And now, I get to decide what to do next.

Short Stories
Stories to be written/rewritten*: 2
Stories to be edited before submitting: 8
Stories to be submitted for first sale: 7
Stories to try and get reprint sales for: 11

* These are not my standard short stories--not including "Remediation" in this. In my mind, the handwritten stories are a totally unrelated thing. Not for standard writing time consumption. Note to self: "Spam" and "Coral".

(Does not include the letter game novel I'm writing with Andre.)
Agents on my A-list for Vicesteed that I still need to query: 2
Novels in progress: 1

That novel is Tree of Life, which I think I might end up calling Heretic's Hope. And I'm only 18,000 words into it (thought it was more), but I've left Leander, the poor main character, stranded in this horrible place for a long time now! Poor bastard. I mean, he's deserted from the military, committed blasphemy (to save his faith), and fled his dying homeworld. He's trapped on a refitted generation ship that's a labyrinth carved out of an asteroid, and he just had the everliving shit beat out of gravity. He's about to be blackmailed into doing Terrible Things. And he doesn't know if this will even work, or if he's damned his soul for nothing. Is it any wonder he's been bugging my brain, wanting to get through this to something better?

P.S. Oh, and I want to pick up the Twitfic thing again. When I got sick and life got busy, I kinda dropped the ball on that goal.
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10/22/2009 - Thursday
* Read Critters newsletter.

10/21/2009 - Wednesday
* Queried Baen's Universe again about the official status of "Salvaging Scottwell" - (The answer was, basically, why didn't you ask sooner? I'll go check.)
* Queried Micro Award administrator about certain administrative submission details.

10/20/2009 - Tuesday
* Updated website contact info page with privacy policy. Updated and added tracking cookie to various other web pages.
* Posted writing log.
* Started reading "Tree of Life" to refresh my memory
* Read WritersMarket, FundsforWriters, Duotrope and FFWSmallMarkets newsletters and updated market list from them.
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In Progress, Writing

They thought they could come and conquer our world easily. - Kept in Coral

With great reverence, Leander committed the greatest blasphemy of his life. - Tree of Life

In Progress, Editing

When Albin's nursemaid woke him in the dead of night, he knew something even worse than the death of his father had happened. - The Unkindness of Ravens

Clara ought to be home by now, an' my daughter. - And the Dog Died

"Just go, Will," Isabel said, turning her head to look out the window as if he were already gone. - Writ in Snowflakes and Sunshine

Having the king of Achromia's confidence was a heady sensation, but Bertrand had only to think of some of the tasks he'd been assigned to feel his feet become firmly grounded once more. - Pneumatic Knights

The old woman found the naked boy curled up in a semi-truck tire on the beach. - The Old Woman By The Sea

"What a huge, marvelous fish!" John's wife exclaimed. - Out of Focus

Night mist swirled around Valinda's boots as she walked through the empty street. - Vicesteed
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Deleted from Chapter 8

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
593 / 2,493

Old chapter wordcount: 2,493
New chapter wordcount: 1,900
Vicesteed Draft 1 wordcount: 207,877
Vicesteed Draft 2 current wordcount: 191,285
Which scene is it anyway?

Paper was still used for handwritten correspondence and the most exclusive engraved invitations, but no mass printing used paper. She shuddered at the thought of such waste. Her ancestors had struggled for so long to finish the terraforming of Buckingham. They had barely been able to survive when they had fought the war for their independence.

Every tree on the planet could have been watered with blood.

Underneath the printing automata was a stack of paper that she had acquired. She was glad to be able to use her father's influence and money for the cause.

Reason for deleting: This is kind of cool, and it could make sense, but it ended up being too difficult to maintain. This is the only scene where paper and trees are so rare. Everywhere else in the book, people are writing notes, sending invitations, etc etc.
Notes: Thought I'd cut a lot from this chapter, but the ratio is about constant. Deciding my self-assessment is skewed. Might need to combine this chapter, too, since it's so short.
Other writingy stuff:
* Made slight revisions to the second half of the new Chapter 5 to account for the discovery of clues that had been later, being earlier.
* Made the searches for specific phrases to fix from crit notes.
* Typed up handwritten notes (few as they are) for the subplot to Tree of Life, including Phil's squawk of laughter at the very idea of a plotline involving prostitutes unionizing. "What? They want a 10-dick work week?"
* Penthius freewriting, inspired by a blue quilted butterfly.
* Read WritersWeekly newsletter.
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Catching up on writing log posts....

01/07/2009 - Wednesday, no work
"Tree of Life" Writing Log
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
17,681 / 160,000

New words: 642. Other writingy things take priority over actual writing (past the minimum 500 words) right now, unless I hit flow. Flow trumps everything, including eating and sleeping.
Total words: 17,681
Overused word: food
Gratuitous metaphor: alternating currents
Type of scene: Tidying up the story edges.
Challenge(s): Wondering whether this scene is even necessary.
Which recovery period is it anyways?He staggered to the sink and gulped water from the faucet, and then he opened another meal. He passed out before it was heated. His quarters were dark and the food was cold when he woke again. He ate the food with his fingers because he'd lost the fork in the dimness. Strange, flickering patterns of light filtered in through the patched curtains.
Notes: This is about where I realized that since this really isn't a short story, and really is a novel, I need a second POV to get the length right. I had originally plotted that the ending would include solving a problem on an alien world, but that doesn't really fit with the emotional denouement. I decided I should have one of the people involved in that be the alternate POV. I was thinking whores trying to unionize, but Phil made a persuasive case for that being stupid.
Other writingy stuff:
* Added vamp erotica anth to Aswiebe's Market List.
* Posted writing log.
* [ profile] penthius freewriting--my own obsession with keeping warm is showing!
* Sent Spec the Halls ( prize payments and processed as writing expense (advertising).
* Processed Aswiebe's Market List emails.
* Updated my grammar notes file with participial phrases and notes to novelists trying to get a book through Critters.

01/09/2009 - Friday, full work
* Read WritersDigest newsletter

01/10/2009 - Saturday, half work + birthday parties that took up the rest of my time.
* Basic but useful post about re-querying an agent:,guid,a1d28158-be0b-4f49-bc80-65e2f4ee5d99.aspx
* Added some agents-to-investigate from litagentguide, a most useful blog for those hunting an agent.
* Added market.

01/11/2009 - Sunday, full work + a nap because I was exhausted after going to sleep at weekend hours and waking up at workday hours.
* Registered for Fourth Street Fantasy Convention. Last year's was an excellent learning and growing and connecting experience. Price's gone up, but it's totally worth it, since that includes brunch and Cory Doctorow as the GoH, both of which I like.
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01/02/2009 - OMG, 2009! No work, but way overslept + had errands to run in downtown.
* Posted writing log
* [ profile] penthius freewriting, "Jungle Love"
* Read most recent bit of "Tree of Life" to try and get back into it--realized am desperately needing subplot to flesh story out. Eek. Realized said subplot is going to be heavily influenced by things that need a lot of research--tree of life/maze/labyrinth mythology. Did a little preliminary research. Whimpered.
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"Tree of Life" Writing Log

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
16,098 / 100,000

New words: 518
Total words: 16,098
Overused word: pain
Gratuitous word: tenderized
Type of scene: Being patched up by the doctor.
Challenge(s): Working in the key bit of information that will later lead to blackmail.
Which bit of gruesome is it anyways?Dr. Cassell raised his eyebrows. "Didn't you notice? You scraped your fingers raw on the rock walls. Hell, you can probably navigate your way home just by following the trail of dried blood."
Added to spellchecker: everything's
Notes: I'm beginning to get a bit worried about whether this will be long enough. I'm not sure there's enough plot there. Of course, I don't really know what the alien part of the plot will be yet. Yargh. And I should hurry up and do research on labyrinths and mazes so I can get that worked into the threads of the story properly. And more tree of life stuff, too. And there's the prospect of more full-time work on the horizon, meaning that I won't be able to write for the rest of the week. Grrr.
Other writingy stuff:
* Replied to Baen's Universe slush comments
* Replied to CC query.
* [ profile] penthius freewriting, "Favorite Chloroform."
* Posted writing log, with deleted scenes excerpt from "Salvaging Scottwell"
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  • 15:02 After 1 yr+ of not being able to practice, my jump spin kicks (never great) are the most pathetic thing ever.
  • 16:13 Trying to remember what my writing note to myself, "2 weeks, needles, recovery time" meant.
  • 18:03 Making Chineses 5-spice powder from scratch. ::headthwap::
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"Tree of Life" Writing Log
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
13,855 / 100,000

New words: 547
Total words: 13,855
Overused word: sapling
Gratuitous simile: The slender line of the beanstalk cut through space like a monofil knife stabbing the reddish brown world below.
Type of scene: I got to beat up the main character! A lot! Um. The plot made me do it.
Challenge(s): Finding a variety action verbs for things falling. Slammed! Plummeted! Smacked! Crashed!
Which line is it anyways?Gravity slammed into them.
Notes: It felt really good to be writing again. I didn't hit flow, which isn't surprising given how long it's been. I'm sad, though. I want to see how well my new system of allowances and exceptions works. (Yeah, I'm a big one for systems.)
Other writingy stuff:
* Posted writing log
* Did critique for MinnSpec (the new name's so much easier to spell!) writer's workshop.
* Penthius freewriting, "Interview: Genre Undetermined"
* Processed "well received by our submissions staff, but unfortunately it doesn't quite meet the needs of our publication" rejection of "These Things Take Time" by Hub Magazine.
* Processed Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show's form letter rejection of "The Miracle Material"
* Processed Vicesteed ch. 15 crits from Critters.
* Added some dowser info to the story seeds for rural fantasy file. Not sure if it will ever come to anything, but I'm trying the "accretion" method so beloved of the 4th Street Fantasy panelists.
* Added some ideas for the CC shared world project. Someday I'll actually have time to read the files.
* Saved info about possible "making reading enjoyable" market.
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10/13/2008 - Monday
* Read FFWSmallMarkets, FundsforWriters newsletters - got a few new markets and a possible market for a "how to enjoy reading again" article I've been tossing around in my mind.
* Filled out form to get Spec the Halls listed on
* Posted Spec the Halls listing to AbsoluteWrite boards.
* Emailed old Spec the Halls mailing list an "it's going to start soon!" and "by the way, here's some free market listings!" email
* Updated Spec the Halls mailing list with new subscribers
* Posted writing log
* [ profile] penthius freewriting: "Glass Icefloes in a Warm Ocean"
* Reread through my notes and what's written so far for Tree of Life. I really, really wanted to get a day of writing in, but it just didn't happen. I'm going to do that today. Oh, sure, there's other stuff I could/should be working on, but I *need* to write. Not work on markets, make submissions, research the shared world project, edit Vicesteed, or update my mailing lists. Write.
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"Tree of Life" Writing Log
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
12,804 / 100,000

New words: 937
Total words: 12,804
Overused word: stone
Gratuitous alien planet name: Hngleee
Type of scene: Point A to Point B
Challenge(s): Having to go back and write things in.
Which line is it anyways?When he climbed back into his quarters, the dragon's tail had gained a subtle blue gray tint.
Researched: melatonin, light therapy
Added to spellchecker: melatonin
Notes: I think I need something more dramatic soon. I'm not bored, but that might be because I can see what these bits are leading up to. Hmm. Well, I guess the blackmail will come up pretty soon and then he'll be busy destroying his soul. Oh, and I've increased the wordcount limit to about what a novel should actually be.
Other writingy stuff:
* Finished last crit for workshop.
* Joined up and started investigating things for the SeCret ProjeCt.
* Had great idea for SeCret ProjeCt project.
* Posted writing log
* Checked to make sure my mss was processed okay for Critters.
* Penthius freewriting - a (private, sorry!) sketch of an idea for said SeCret ProjeCt project.
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"Tree of Life" Writing Log

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
11,894 / 80,000

New words: 943
Total words: 11,894
Overused word: light
Gratuitous word: canopied
Type of scene: A trade made, and groundwork laid down for some future plot stuff.
Challenge(s): The first sentence. It's always the first sentence.
Which line is it anyways?Too late, he remembered his role as incompetent-in-space.
Notes: A certain portion of the time yesterday I spent just staring into space as key bits fell into place and the story unrolled itself in my mind. I realized two key things. 1) Leander's going to have to do horrible things for money, and he's going to feel like a monster, and hopeless, and dark-without-choices. People keep telling me that the dark stuff is my writing strength; I might as well go for it. 2) I think this will be a story with two dramatic endings, one for the alien storyline, and one for the ship storyline. Corollary to 1) I'll have to pull out all the stops to keep Leander a sympathetic character, up to and including a small fuzzy animal.
Other writingy stuff:
* Wrote up a Critters critique to get my critique ratio up to snuff before the next chapter of Vicesteed bubbles up in the queue next week.
* Posted writing log
* [ profile] penthius freewriting, a low potential elevator error.
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  • 07:02 Happy Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day!
  • 07:46 -- My clothes smell faintly of sour laundry. => So do I.
  • 08:45 I resemble that comic! (Sylvia)
  • 08:56 Discussing with coworker what little cannibals should be taught. "Don't kill and eat people in public."
  • 08:59 If I had a lot of disposable income, I might sign up for Pagoda's special geoduck meal. Geoduck!
  • 10:13 Anatomy of my blog:
  • 15:06 I'm going to make Tree of Life's protag do such horrible things they'll break his soul.
  • 22:10 Watching Olympic ceremonies, enjoying political commentary, getting choked up with pride in the human race.

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Thursday, half-day of work at NgithOwl
Between trying to wrangle a bachelorette location, picking up my exoskeleton, taking care of the car getting to the repair shop (and all the walking that entailed), I got nothing writing-related done. Some days, this happens. What's important is setting your own rules as to what's important enough that it takes a higher priority than writing. That should be a very small list.

Of course, if I hadn't misplaced my oomph, I could've gotten something done that evening. I didn't.

Wednesday, half-day of work at the on-site
"Tree of Life" Writing Log
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
10,986 / 80,000

Words: 1,094
Total words: 10,986
Overused word/title: exchange/the Exchange
Gratuitous female body part description: non-weaponized assets
Type of scene: Completing an exchange in Exchange Market, overseen by the Exchange.
Challenge(s): Resisting the urge to have a goldfish swimming around in the toilet.
Which line is it anyways?"This is not an optimal time to complete a transaction so complicated," the Exchange stated. From another person, it might have been an apology. From the Exchange, it was merely a statement of fact.
1) This experiment is working pretty well, and I haven't even hit flow yet.
2) Writing is a mysterious process for me. Characters and plots and metaphors evolve--and I didn't do it. In this case, I was writing a non-POV character, and by default, I made the character male. Then I got pissed at the default and changed the character to female. Then the character decided to be subtly lesbian and have a smokin' hot lover/right-hand-woman. Wait, what? I'll be keeping it subtle and non-explicit, because (as of right now) it's not a plot point, so it shouldn't be weighted more heavily. Still, cool. And strange. OTOH, it meant I've failed at having a non-POV main character who is female, fertile, heterosexual, not hideous, and not a love interest. Drat. Well, there's still plenty of story left. I haven't even gotten to the aliens yet.
3) I had to look up star frequencies and female Slavic names.
Other writingy stuff:
At work (on-site in IDS building):
* Read WritersDigest newsletter
* Did a Critters critique. Might as well use this down-time to boost my crit ratio, so I don't have to worry about doing last-minute crits when I'm trying to get my own work out.
* Posted writing log
* [ profile] penthius freewriting - interleaved fates
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"Tree of Life" Writing Log
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
9,892 / 80,000

Words: 902
Total words: 9,892
Overused storage device: mesh bags
Gratuitous made-up adjective: ferrety
Type of scene: Getting the necessary, setting up the blackmail.
Challenge(s): Giving enough to describe a setting, but keeping it interesting and active.
Which huckster's pitch is it anyways?
"Sir, you're new here," a confident tenor voice said next to Leander's ear. "What do you want? I can help you. I know everyone, I know what they've got. Did you just board the ship? You need to relax? You want to gamble? Drink? Puff? You like girls? My cousin is beautiful and very friendly. See?"
Notes: I'm making an experiment for the next week with time and priorities. I got a lot more written this day. The experiment's about big boulder vs. making tomorrow easier methods, writing flow, and expanding tasks. More once I've finished the trial.
Other writingy stuff:
At work (on-site):
* Read AbsoluteWrite newsletter.
* Did a Critters critique
* [ profile] penthius freewriting, a low potential biohazard sketch
* Posted writing log
* Posted excerpt and crit request for "And the Dog Died"
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"Tree of Life" Writing Log

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
8,990 / 80,000

Words: 207 (on Tree of Life)
Total words: 8,990
Overused word: tunnel (yes, again)
Gratuitous obsolescence: dial watches
Type of scene: Transition and somebody-knows-my-minor-secret
Challenge(s): Giving directions in a zero-G, unlabeled warren. I could only make them subjective.
Which line is it anyways?A picture of the guard's eyes widening in surprise as Leander's fist smashed his face to a bloody pulp exploded in Leander's mind.
Notes: Directions, yuck. Describing going through tunnels, double-yuck. I'm about to the point where I'll only need to do that for new and interesting ways, at least.
Excuses: [ profile] elfdope was home and constantly distracting me. Plus he started to nap and emitted such strong sleep pheromones I ended up falling asleep for a couple of hours and not getting more writing done--or house-cleaning, making dinner, etc. All his fault.
Other writingy stuff:
* Posted writing log
* [ profile] penthius freewriting, based on [ profile] elfdope's musing up a dead mining planet for me, and also more extensive notes documented on the idea.
* Wrote new ending for "And the Dog Died," beg. 2:15 PM, 1,137 words - end 1,072 words, 3:00 PM.


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