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The Saturday before Easter, my father married Elena, a long-time family friend. We left Wednesday afternoon, took two days to drive down to Kansas, and drove home in one shot on Easter Sunday.
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Or, Why I Am Wistful For Days When Nobody Wore Clothes.

I'm in [ profile] chesh's bridal party, and she's having us all pick patterns for ourselves that will be made from the same fabric. So different designs, same fabric. Neat, eh?

I can't decide.

These are the designs I like, but they're all quite different from each other! Considering my body type, what do you guys think would look best?
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Our friends Chase and Susan's wedding at the Macalester College chapel was stunningly beautiful, and very touching. The light was perfect (for me--but then, I've got a Thing about light). I shot around two hundred good photographs, of which I will post some eventually, I'm sure. The little meat-filled pastry appetizers were as delicious as Chase promised, and the origami flower bouquet centerpieces were so spirit-lifting that I took two bouquets home with me. They were both beautiful, as was the rest of the wedding party. I especially liked that the bridesmaids got to choose their own dresses, given only a color ("dark red")--it made an interesting mix.

Phil stayed home from work today, on the theory that fever and chemistry don't mix well. He claims that he should try to go in tomorrow, but I have my doubts. His logic is that he's been sick for several days now, so he "should be" done. Whether or not he is. Poor guy is still producing vast quantities of phlegm and acting feverish, though that's not much different than usual. I, on the other hand, am practicing my skills at miming. Over the course of the last two days, my throat has become steadily more painful. Right now I just really don't want to try and talk, even at a whisper. That's how it started for Phil.

But I don't get sick days, so I'll probably go in to work even if sick, because we really do need the money. Tae Soo Do would be pushing it, though. We'll see how I'm feeling tomorrow.

Entertainingly, I have a doctor's appointment for my annual physical on Wednesday.

Of course, just as I start getting sick is when the Owl has work aplenty (they would have liked me to work through the day on the bachelor party, the wedding, as well as Sunday [which I actually did]), though probably not aplenty enough to last if I took a couple of days off. Though I'm pleased to have work, scanning box after box of 20-30 years old forms stuck together with what I'm praying is paint, and stapled apparently at random, is not super-happy-fun-fun. If it was, they wouldn't call it work.

In other news, the corner storefront kitty-corner on our block has been rented. I walked past a man carefully painting "Candy Paradise" on the window. I am in So Much Trouble. I walk past that store every day that I use the bus, which is most days. Think I can get them to stock Astronaut's Ice Cream?


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