First Snow

Nov. 19th, 2011 01:19 pm
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Fairly heavy snowfall outside my window, can't see for more than a block.

I'm not looking forward to winter this year. I don't like the cold (or the heating bill), and I'm especially worried about keeping the baby warm enough. And there's a thick layer of leaves in our backyard that need to be raked up--when there's not snow on them.

But the snow is so beautiful. Just seeing it makes me think of Christmas carols, and hot chocolate, and snuggling under blankets with cats.
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Sunday, much miscellaneous writingy stuff was finished. Aside from that, it was the usual (except no church, because Phil was still sick).

I did a fair amount of cleanup of photos from the family reunion last summer. I am a bad, lazy person--people *have* been wanting to see these sooner. On the other hand, nobody paid me, and non-paid photo work tends to go to the back of the burner. So there's a steady trickle of cleaned-up photos. But there were some lovely photos. I think this one is my favorite so far:


though this one says a lot about my family:


I did laundry and dishes, and I took out the recycling. Because everything was all melty, the latter meant balancing our recycling on top of a piece of cardboard to keep the paper bags from soaking through and having their bottoms fall out. We do have a recycling container . . . buried somewhere underneath the five-foot mound of snow behind the garage. We think.

I finally upgraded my new/old computer memory (up to a rollicking 1 G!). There was some panicky calling of tech friends when the computer would not start afterward, but then I figured out that it was because the memory didn't go in the thingamabob right because I hadn't pressed down exactly at the same time as I flipped the doohickeys. But then I did, and all was right in the world.

Circus of Brass and Bone Total

3/6/12, Sunday
* A smidge of writing on CoBB.
* Updated CoBB episode saved to the computer (wrong version--the finished one was on the laptop) and uploaded it so meta-data would be right.
* Posted writing log and freewriting.
* Worked on creating MinnSpec iTunes feed, which included creating a MinnSpec icon.
* Finished taking down Spec the Halls links and adding Circus of Brass and Bone links to the rest of my website.
* Started on critiques for MinnSpec meeting next weekend.
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Let's see, what did I do on Sunday? Slept in. Worked on taxes. Did minimum maintenance cleaning. Walked to the library (Yes, in the giant snowstorm. It was my exercise for the day. Because of the snow, it totally counts.) to pick up books on hold. Marveled at the snowstorm (the second record-buster snowstorm of the year?).

In the evening, [ profile] sinister_dr_x and [ profile] fayde invited us out to the 508 Bar for the Timberwolves' special event coverage of the All-Star game. 5 hours of watching a game that only airs on cable (which we don't have). Free buffet. Free drinks. Good company. Lots of prize giveaways. What's not to like? Okay, 5 hours of sports.

508 Bar

It was a good time, though. The food was entirely edible--the salad tasted amazing, I think I must need more fresh greens. I worked on my writing side project during the game. I won a set of Timberwolves wine glasses(!) that were surprisingly non-tacky.

Despite the snowstorm, driving was pretty good. The highway was very well plowed, as were the downtown streets. We only got a little stuck trying to get back into our alley on the way home. Phil was very proud of our "all-terrain Kia Rio."

Here, have some pretty snow pictures )

2/20/11, Sunday
* Posted freewriting and writing log.
* Caught up on CoBB thank-yous. W00T! (Then people donated more. Double w00t!)
* Was about to brainstorm new side project story, when I remembered--holy Batman! I have a letter-game story that it’s my turn on, and has been for a ridiculously long number of months.
* Printed off Platinadar, re-read and highlighted strategic bits (plot points to build on, critical names, etc.) and began writing response.
* Fixed some broken html on a couple of the CoBB website pages.
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The sparrows in my backyard have the souls of piranhas. They can strip a full birdfeeder down to the bones in less than 12 hours.

Poor bob-whites didn't have a chance.
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Everything is black and white outside. Black winter branches outlined in white snow against a white sky. Black telephone wires against snow-covered roofs. A bobwhite hopping sideways up a tree trunk.
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I came home from my writing group meeting and immediately started to prepare for dinner. Because it was starting to get dark out. And I was a little hungry, so it must be dinnertime, right?

It was 4 PM.

The end.
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The snow is going away at last, and soon--soon it will be gone. It has all melted off our roof, and the two-foot icicles are gone from the neighbor's house. The snow in the backyard is about a foot high, instead of over my knees. And everything smells of melting winter.* The air is damp with it.

Snow curls

* Which reminds me, it's time to dig out the water filtering pitcher, as spring means tap water that tastes like spring, which is mostly rotting leaves and dead fish.
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Small snowflakes like ashes floating down to blanket everything, and they say snow emergency sometime, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, it's a slow storm and hard to predict. Bowl of bread crusts on the kitchen counter to throw out for the crows, but if the snow covers them before the birds get there, they'll freeze and wait until the spring thaw when things with beaks or claws or mandibles will take them away. Going in early to downtown to pick up earplugs and Vicodin and Tylenol. What a list--I feel old.
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  • Ice pellets? That doesn't sound like a friendly form of precipitation.
  • Don't like working extra days at day job. OTOH, 9:30AM start time seems almost humane.
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  • Today's temperature range: 2 to -6 F. ::shivery shudder::
  • The cabbie looked at Carl and shook his head. "Two constables came and dragged him away. I thought the mannikin seemed sad afterward." #nwm
  • "Mayhap she just mirrored what the audience wanted, though, like she was ordered. I don't know more." Maybe, but Carl knew who would. #nwm
  • -- After an hour wrangling stupid mortgage people to get insurance check cashed,
  • -- Came home to find Fu Manchu had left wreckage of broken glass and scattered origami flowers in my study.
  • Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! (heartwarming)
  • Best ad email subject line today: "You Are Feeling Generous with the Meow Mix, yes...."
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  • Glances out window. "Are those snowflakes?" Looks away hastily, in case observation makes it true.

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  • If I finish my work today (unlikely), I will make a snowman. And brownies.
  • Awesome vintage photos for those with a soft spot for polar bears:
  • Best headline of the day: "Hollywood counters reality with decade of escapism"
  • The Daily Show has a brilliant India segment today
  • Adopt a terrorist? Yes, as in "Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you."
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Why yes, I am having an immune system response to the flu shot. And to the tetanus booster. And having blood drawn + painkillers has made me a bit lightheaded. And I've been staring at the computer screen doing data entry for a day job project all evening.

On the other hand, looking at the snow outside, I'm quite happy I'm working from home tomorrow.
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  • Quite sad Pandora doesn't have "It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Fish-Men"
  • The "up to 12 inches" snow has begun.
  • He stretched out one hand and placed it on the glass. "Kathleen," he said. His voice was raw. "Katy." The manikin stopped still. #nwm
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Friday, the day job handed me an odd little project that's effectively due Monday evening. It's finding emails in a database that are listed in a spreadsheet I was given, and marking them. Except I can't actually look at any of the documents. I can run searches for different word combinations, but I can't check the results. Oh, and the spreadsheet doesn't actually have email subject lines, just a 'description'. And it's an online database and I have to do multiple searches and filters and things to approximate a reasonable result set. I have worked all weekend and will be working super-late tomorrow in hopes of finishing this. And I am becoming distinctly irritated by people who leave the subject lines of their emails blank.


I took a bit of time in the afternoon to get a Christmas tree! (The annual getting-a-Christmas-tree fight had already been settled.) So now I have a lovely tree settling in my living room, after much kerfuffle getting it screwed into the stand in a stable fashion.

So happy.
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  • I would trade my house for this one. Please?
  • - Going to work while the moon is still high in the purple sky. + Pretty moon!
  • That stormtrooper must be from Wisconsin. (Brewster Rockit)
  • Big fluffy snowflakes dancing around outside the 5th floor windows looking out over the brick and glass warehouse district.
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  • His workhouse sweetheart was the puppeteer for a panorama display of a young girl's adventures wandering the world in her new shoes. #nwm
  • Good thing I checked with Phil *before* sending a birthday card to his dead grandma.
  • The homechulus altered the story for the watcher. If a libertine, she'd nearly lose her virtue. If a nun, she'd pray in a cathedral. #nwm
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  • Glad they finished the roof before--first snow?
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I hear a rumor that winter's almost over. Despite temperatures around 12 degrees yesterday, they're predicting 55 this weekend. I hope they're right. I really, really, really want to start riding my bike again, especially since all the buses are going on detour in downtown again. I'm daydreaming of summer--biking and tank tops and CSA deliveries.

I suppose I should post my ice photos while it's still cold!

Ice Vine

See more icy photos. )
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One of the few girly, self-indulgent, make-me-feel-better things I do is painting my nails. I haven't done this for quite a long time--months. I thought maybe it was just because I hadn't taken the time, and that was part of it. So, while watching the Jesse Stone mystery tonight, I got out the nail polish and started to paint my nails.

Shortly thereafter, I remembered the main reason that I haven't painted my nails in a while. It's cold. I have poor circulation to my hands and feet, and it's cold, and painting nails means having hands and feet exposed to the air, without socks or blankets or warm things, for at least 40 minutes.

It will probably be at least another month before I do this again. Now that I think of it, painting nails is really more of a summer activity.

But! Now my nails are shimmery orangey-pink, and they make me smile.


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