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Apparently, the tea I'm drinking is "wide awake to the ancient juju of the continent where life began."


I think the copywriter was getting a bit loopy. OTOH, the tea's not bad, and it does indeed have a faint honey flavor.


Feb. 1st, 2010 10:10 pm
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Did you know that there are US firebirds? True fax.
firebird n. U.S. Dial. any of several small birds having bright red or orange plumage, esp. the Baltimore oriole.

From this, two conclusions:
1) myths live among us, and
2) standardized spellings of translated fairytales are hard to find. Some places one word, some two, generally capitalized, but not always. Harrumph. So it will be "Firebird."
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  • Torn between stories. One has greater Awesome, other's more genre/gender-twisting and a better match for a higher-paying anthology. Ngg.
  • Dear Strib: "Don't Like the Weather? Too Bad" headline = not encouraging!
  • Small victories (now with zombies):
  • Torn between a Droid and a Nexus. Pretty sure I want a keyboard, but--shiny vs. shinier!

Edited to add: I went with the better match story. Sorry, [ profile] xcorvis, the zombies vs. dinosaurs story will remain unwritten. This will become "Ekaterina and the Firebird." It was a princess-and-the-dragon idea, and now it's a brandy-maker's-child-and-the-firebird story. Of course, with a trans-gendered protag, this may be a hard sell if the anthology *doesn't* take it. Did "The Radiator Burped" teach me nothing?
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  • Today's temperature range: 2 to -6 F. ::shivery shudder::
  • The cabbie looked at Carl and shook his head. "Two constables came and dragged him away. I thought the mannikin seemed sad afterward." #nwm
  • "Mayhap she just mirrored what the audience wanted, though, like she was ordered. I don't know more." Maybe, but Carl knew who would. #nwm
  • -- After an hour wrangling stupid mortgage people to get insurance check cashed,
  • -- Came home to find Fu Manchu had left wreckage of broken glass and scattered origami flowers in my study.
  • Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! (heartwarming)
  • Best ad email subject line today: "You Are Feeling Generous with the Meow Mix, yes...."


Nov. 2nd, 2009 10:01 pm
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  • It's pretty awesome having a hugging cat. Regularly scheduled cat-hug breaks from working!
  • Fans of Jonathan Coulton might like The Funny Music Project (new songs x2 weekly):
  • --Paranoid that the contractor boarded squirrels up inside our walls. Worried about them.
  • Current effects of climate change (American Public Media):
  • There was/may still be a squirrel trapped under my floorboards. Phil can't fix this. Hating the world.
  • Where the heck do I go to find a listing of the candidates on my ballot? (Answer: League of Women Voters)
  • I have to figure out how my husband and I will be voting tomorrow. (Yes, my vote counts x2. Tremble!)
  • The hospital-gowned girl flinched away from the carriage lantern, her hand before her eyes. IV tubes dangled from needle-pierced flesh. #nwm
  • I'm still confused how rank choice voting works when there's multiple seats, since they say to only fill one oval under 1st choice.
  • Part of political candidate's resume: "political sciense and history major, gradute student creative writing." Truefacts.
  • Dear political candidates: Everyone experiences life. Thus, listing "Life" with your educational qualifications means nothing. Unoriginal.


Oct. 24th, 2009 11:03 pm
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  • There's soldiering through, and soldering through, and I think I'd prefer the latter.
  • Highly entertaining recipe for bizarrely awesome Chilli-Dog Casserole:
  • Still a favorite: "Her thoughts ran in circles like a cockroach with one of its antennae cut off."
  • I've cut 40,000 words and I'm still at 165,000 in Vicesteed. Tra-la-la! Need to get to 110,000.
  • Oh, yeah. I stopped revising here 'cause I was fretting about that extensive rewrite. Now I remember.
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  • True job title: "Erection Consultant and Field Service Representative."
  • Sometimes you can best enjoy where you are by approaching it as a tourist:
  • Dear editors, Making my eyes bleed looking at your website is not the same thing as being bleeding edge.
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  • What are gamuts doing when they're not being covered?
  • My refrigerator is overflowing with leftovers. Anybody want to come over for dinner redux?
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  • 14:08 There's actually a person here named Lolita. Am *not* going to inquire about her childhood!


Oh! LoudTwitter's back.
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  • 12:17 Getting "Egyptian Walking Onions" from the CSA today. They may come with an ancient curse, but they're tasty!
  • 18:50 Staring at the Wiscon schedule in panic, trying to figure out what I need to pack.
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  • 11:47 Really liking Greasemonkey's Tiny URL Decoder automatically showing full URLs (via Lifehacker):
  • 12:11 PSA: postage rates go up on Monday to $.44 for a regular letter.
  • 14:27 Really, "debauched armchair" is more interesting than "moth-eaten armchair."
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  • 13:28 Things seemingly lacking a standardized spelling: maskmaker/mask-maker/mask maker. Grr.
  • 14:13 From the WTF Files...Do they call him Horsley the political candidate? No.
  • 23:05 For when you've got time to waste--definitive internet phenoms:
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  • 08:34 Really need to make up sleep deficit, but have calculated the earliest I can sleep in is a week from Friday.
  • 22:44 Realized today that a significant portion of my communication is in sound effects, not words. But people understand!
  • 23:01 Full workday, 2 hours of martial arts, laundry, and getting taxes ready to mail. It's not much to show for a day, but it's what I've got.
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  • 15:28 Fellow coffee-shopper talking about seismic or volcanic events, cuneiform, and cracking some code.
  • 15:31 Other coffee-shopper, to girl he seems to be on coffee date with: "I don't swim. I'm sure if I fell out of a boat, I'd learn."
  • 15:40 Girl on date just said she feels like she has "so much to live for." Back away slowly.
  • 15:51 Guy on date just raised his arms in the air as if to say, "Goal!" I think this means he thinks he's scoring.
  • 15:53 He said he wanted to see her sarcasm. She says, "I generally don't release it the first time I meet someone."
  • 15:59 Dear dude on date: "I don't think I'll get married until I'm 35," is the *wrong* answer.
  • 16:00 She talked him into admitting that 30 was "a good age" to get married. This is hilarious.
  • 16:06 Guy to date: "I'm usually the one who has random animal facts."
  • 19:02 Typo of the day: "coffee ship."
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Now I really want to find more places with great acoustics where people go for first dates.
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  • 08:06 Perfume for Trekkies:
  • 15:23 Typo of the day: "despite the influence of his less-than-gentile upbringing." S.b. "genteel"
  • 15:48 Friday = free cupcakes at Urban Bean!
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  • 13:43 Joined Online Writing Workshop. Any other writingy folk members?
  • 16:58 So, if you decimate a myriad of foes, you'll have 9,000 left. Not very good, really.
  • 17:39 - It *would* start raining again right before I have to go catch bus to martial arts class. Ah, well. Still not melty.
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  • 15:04 Jewelry with names like "The Seven Bakers of Candlewick Close" and "Spirits From An Old and Civilized Land":
  • 17:47 Have joined Facebook. Apparently, *after* everyone else. Hints, tips, suggestions?
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  • 09:06 Other bus rider has put black tape over the "Vegan" logo on his bag. Wonder if he's gone back to dairy?
  • 14:48 Found Nuclear War under my coffee table. Wonder where it came from? (Yes, it's a card.)
  • 15:50 Know what the *only* definition for "tea-leaf" in Webster's Unabridged is? "Brit. slang: a thief."
  • 16:45 Bellydancing, burlesque, & magic? Kinda want to see this show:
  • 17:40 Right now my Sunday schedule is church, then tea party, then burlesque show. ::is amused::
  • 19:24 Being stalked by spam again. 'Reynold' has sent me an email saying, "You are like the sunshine so warm." #spam
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  • 23:24 Dear IT folk--help?
  • 11:05 Snowflake flurries darting past the window. I miss you, rain!
  • 11:53 MPR archaeologist talking about preserving "the bone-to-bone relations." That needs to be a story title.
  • 13:21 Coworker telling story of when she was chased by a moose while canoeing. (also, that is the weirdest word ever)
  • 14:39 Waiting until mgr has cake and cigarette before telling her I'm switching back to 1/2 days next week.
  • 14:41 Dislike that the nature of working "part-time" at a job with an already-irregular schedule necessitates such conversations.
  • 15:23 MPR: "And there's the proof of your pudding." Me: Wait--what? A suspicious scent of vanilla in the air?
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Mono, originally uploaded by aswiebe.

I do not think this was as good a name for a business as they thought it was. Taken in Uptown.


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