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This is what the numbers look like after a few years of writing and occasionally getting things published.

Important dates and numbers

First publication: 2003
First pro publication: 2009
First super-pro publication: 2014
First child born: 8/2011
Second child born: 11/2013

(And yes, the dates my children were born absolutely matter to the chronology and amount of things have been written and published!)

Publications by year (includes reprint sales and micro-fiction)

2003: 2
2004-2005: 0
2006: 1
2007-2008: 0
2009: 3
2010: 3
2011: 1
2012: 7
2013: 2
2014: 4
2015 (to date): 2
2016 (sold to date): 1

Current status of sales and stories (does not include micro-fiction)

2 short stories accepted, publication pending (one of these is really old and will probably never happen, but it's a non-exclusive reprint sale, so ::shrug::).
1 recently published short story, still in the exclusive post-pub period.
11 trunked short stories/nonfiction articles, some of which were never published, some of which were published but which I think aren't worth the hassle of trying to get reprinted.
1 trunked novel.
1 novel to edit that is halfway trunked.
1 independently published serial novel.
10 short stories to edit.
21 short stories/nonfiction to submit as reprints, previously published.
1 short story in the long-tail afterlife.
6 short stories currently out for submissions.
1 short story to finish (not currently working on).
2 novels to finish (not currently working on).
2 novels to finish (writing RIGHT NOW).*

Actual published stories can be found here:

Not exactly what the half-dragon, half-succubus in the fluffy urban fantasy I'm writing actually looks like, but quite representative of what you find if you try googling such things. Also, a surprisingly large number of such illustrations resemble Angelina Jolie. Just sayin'.
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* [ profile] penthius freewriting - a pseudo-fairytale retelling of the hunting of a white deer.
* Finished reading FundsforWriters newsletter.
* Edited several more pages in Vicesteed (big yay!), notably removing about four pages of an unnecessary and confusing attempted rape/hallucination flashback scene. Felt very accomplished, as getting that knocked out has been one of the big "Eek, how will I do this!" blocks that's been making me procrastinate that edit like whoa. And it's so much smoother and more engaging! (I hate first chapters.)

I think I should direct my activities more on weekends. Weekdays are always actual writing time, if I have writing-related time. Maybe if I frame it so that Saturdays are my editing days and Sundays are my submissions days, it will help. Of course, there are still the "other" writing tasks: PR, newsletter maintenance, website maintenance, cultivating minions, researching markets and updating market listings, reading umpteen writing newsletter articles, doing Critters critiques to get my own work critiqued, and persuading others to critique my writing.

And somewhere in there I need to consider expanding into non-fiction. I suppose the easy way to slide into it would be to start with book/movie reviews.


The writing business is really about a lot more than just writing.


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